Ganz Sutter

Book publisher


Just a normal male human that runs a small publishing shop in Suzail. He is about five and a half feet tall, over weight, and not very attractive. He used to be described as nervous and pleading with several nervous habits like wringing his hands, holding his breath, and eyes downcast. Recently he has seemed to come up in the world financially and his self confidence has risen with it. Still he would be no danger to a adventurer of any stripe.


A book publisher in Suzail. Many financial problems recently and many booksellers thought he was going under. However he has recently turned his buisness around and is working his way back up. The reason he is mentioned here is because he is the one who published a highly controversial book “The Undead ABC” written by Drethren Erevet the Deadmaster. It is said that he is working on another top seller as well. This one however has seemed to gain the negative attention of the Purple Mages rather then concerned parents. Ganz has denied any claims that he is working on anything other then the ABC book.

Ganz Sutter

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