Baby white dragon


Frosttail is a very young baby white dragon. He seems normal for a member of his race and species, although on occasion he has manage to do some rather bizzare magical tricks in regards to frost magic. That isnt entirelly unusual when talking about dragons however. He truly believes in his superiority but again …….. dragon.


Frosttail was born at the top of the Thunderpeaks. He thinks his mother was passing through when she had to stop to give birth to him. She raised him for a few years and made quite a name for herself as terror of Thundergap. Frosttail thinks its because she was trying to protect her son when she left. Maybe she was just cruel, either scenario fits when talking about white dragons.

When his mother flew off, he wasnt nearly as strong to keep up so he stayed behind. He hunted elk and goat and other game he could over power, being the size of a large dog at the time.

When he was five years old he made the mistake of taking on Goreth Stoneeyes and quickly found himself chained up. Goreth planed to raise him to be his personal mount, probably not realizing how long that would take.

However he never had a chance, for only a few months later the Four Winds broke into Thundergap Fortress and freed him. Frosttail was furious and apparently so mad at Zendros he could eat him, but the sorcerer Damian (Shiney at the time) talked him out of it.

Frosttail repaid them several days later by helping them defend the Druid Tree. He stayed out of melee but would swoop in every minute or so and blast a freezing cone of pure cold on any group of orcs or ogres he could reach. He was very effective in the battle.

Frosttail made quite a nuisance of himself for the next several months. The eternal winter that affected Cormyr was devastating to millions of citizens animals, and plant life. But Frosttail loved every minute of it. He attacked cows, scared children, and tried to shit on any dwarf that showed its head. The Four Winds sent Talon to try to reason with the immature dragon, it is unsure how he communicated with him.

Not long after Talon “convinced” Frosttail to behave is when the Fury Storm hit. This drove Frosttail into hiding just like every other living creature withen 500 miles. And soon after the weather turned warm and the snow melted. Frosttail found himself stuck in the higher colder elevations.

Near the beginning of fall of 1357 however, Sunny Underhill sought him out. It is unsure what they talked about or what deal was made, but they seemed to come to an agreement that Frosttail would serve as Sunnys personal mount. Sunny pays him but it is unsure how much.

During Sunnys time in Cloudside at the time of the election. Sunny and Gren Razorclaw spent most of their time flying around the mountain side. What the three of them were up to is unclear. Sunny insisted they were just joyflying. Gren told anyone who asked to piss off. So far no trouble has come of their adventures.

Twice since the time of Cloudside a strange magical phenominon has occured. Once during the parade, the other during the water blasting towards the sky and it raining fish and ships. Both times Frosttail has almost doubled in length, strength and power. Despite being only about 4 years old, he is a medium size adult. His frost breath is much stronger then others of his kind, apparently having something to do with the eternal winter Cormyr was subjecated to. Also he has strange powers to manipulate cold that others of his race done share. He has mostly done this to alter items, such as Damians wand or Sunnys dagger Frosttooth.


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