Father Feldis

Cleric of Lathander in Quiet Thunder


A lower level cleric of Lathander that was trying to spread the word of the Morninglord to the quiet villige of Quiet Thunder. He has had his work cut out for him trying to keep the townspeople healed and free of sickness. He has gained alot of knowledge and insight and the respect of his church.


Has been in Quiet Thunder, to Thunderstone, and back trying to keep the people alive. He is currently spending all his time carrying for the sick and trying to stop the disease from spreading. It is a long slow losing battle.

The disease has been cured and the inscect plague has stopped. But that didnt stop poor Father Feldis from finding himself kidnapped along with Dony Havies by the priestesses of Loviator looking for Damian. He was saved from death itself by Essodren and seems to be reconsidering the small towns long held stance on lizardman.

Father Feldis

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