Epecet Whirlywhistle

Eccentric gnomish tinkerer


A highly skilled and erratic gnomish tinkerer. He has spent much of his life working on one crazy invention after another. After being offered the posistion of head engineer he couldnt refuse. After all how many gnomes dream of working on a flying ship from another planet?

He works side by side with Oswald Fiddlebender. Epecet is more of the inventor and worker, Oswald is more the alchemist. They get along well together and every week have another insane list to give for Sunnys approval. So far he has rejected a steam powered turbo shaver six times, but maybe if they added a onion peeler to it…………

The gnomes biggest headache is Arylin Starflower who keeps insistiing that the ship remains funtional and effeciant. Two words that most gnomes dont put much stock in.


Epecet comes from Westgate and seems to know Sunny from earlier on in his life. Whenever asked about any stories of Sunny however, Epecet complains he has to many things to do and cant be bothered with smalltalk.

He is wanted along with Oswald Fiddlebender for deforestation of both Wheelon and Marsember. It is also believed that he and Oswald blew up a rather large portion of the swamp town during a violently wild day.

Epecet Whirlywhistle

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