Fictional character


Not a real person or even a real dwarf. Enab is a fictional character in the hit play “Suck This” produced by Mordiki productions. He is actually played by a rotating variety of halfling and gnome actors. No real dwarf will play the part and there are multiple petitions by dwarven citizens to rewrite the character. However there isnt enough support against the character against the overwhelming popularity for him. Rumor has it that the character is based off of events witnessed by Damian Mordiki of Earl Bane Hammerstriker.

*Note: None of these rumors are whispered anywhere withen earshot of a dwarf.


Enab is a cowardly companion of brave Sir Damathica and inspired as comic relief and to highlight just how brave his knight champion really is. However he comes off as so lovably cowardly and inept that he has quickly enveloped into the favorite character of the play. In each iteration of the play, Enab becomes stupider and even more terrified, as each actor tries to outdo his companions in who can come up with the most afraid version of Enab to date. The latest incarnation had Enab too scared to hold a weapon and instead attacking with a marshmallow. Wearing womans clothing and a codpiece on his head while running away in high heel shoes from a squirrel.

It was originally rumored to be none other then Sunny Underhill, another member of the Four Winds, that played the original Enab on opening night but these rumors were later proved to be false when the real Underhill showed up on stage at the ending ovation to declare all money collected to be distributed to charity. Theories abound as to who played the original Enab on opening night and speculation runs wild. Everyone from polymorphed elves, dopplegangers, Eltibald Lastlight, and others have been reported as playing the original dwarven fraidycat. The most wild speculation put forth so far is that non-other then Atheb Firewine himself was actually the one under the makeup.

However the last one should be discounted as pure fantasy put forth by wild imaginations. It should be well known by now that there is no such person as Atheb Firewine, who to date has been blamed for every calamity to affect Cormyr since the Warlock War. He is probably a made up scapegoat put forth by the crown to deflect criticism. It is entirely possible that the character Enab was backed by the crown when Bane Hammerstriker and King Azoun IV failed to reach an understanding moments before the original curtain raised.


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