Drethren Erevet the Deadmaster

Necromancer in Marsember


A highly skilled necromancer that lives in Marsember. He has numerous magical items that help him increase his power. He is one of the most powerful mages in Cormyr that is not a Purple Wizard. He also recently wrote the book ABCs for Undead. He has a rather traditional “dark wizard look” He is tall and skinny with a long neck, piercing dark eyes, jet black slicked hair, long spindly fingers, and emits a type of mysterious energy. He almost always wears black robes.


He is most famous (or infamous) recently for his “help” fighting off Caspians horde at the battle of Marsember. He raised the dead, on both sides, to fight off the sahugin horde. The fact that he raised the dead citizens of Marsember to help fight has been highly controversial. However it is quite possibly what turned the tide of battle and there may not be a Marsember standing now if he had not done what he did.

He lives on the outskirts of Marsember and retains several sahugin skeletons that he keeps animated to do chores for him around his residence. All the towns citizens avoid him if possible and many want him driven out. Still others are willing to let him stay as long as he keeps to himself, thinking his actions saved the town.

More recent is his (also) controversial decision to write a childrens learning book about the undead. It has been discovered by the Four Winds that one of their own, Damian Mordiki, had a hand in creating the book. This has caused some friction withen the group, as has Damian’s association with Drethren.

It seems that the peasants of Marsember finally decided that they didn’t want a necromancer living in their small town anymore. It seems that longer ago a disastrous battle was, the less impact it has. Drethren was probably pivotal to winning the battle of Marsember against Dread Pirate Caspian, but since that is now ancient history, the villagers have harassed Drethren to the point that he no longer wishes to reside there.

He was the one who reanimated the orc corpses left by Kords ultimate death. It should be impossible to reanimate a corpse twice, but he did so. Whats more, he reanimated thousands of them in just a few short days and marched them right up to Arabels walls. He never really had a chance of claiming the large city, but he could have put a big dent in its defenses if not for the Four Winds, particularly Damian Mordiki’s involvement.

It seems Damian found him on the battlefield after devastating over 1/3 of the entire undead army. They had a brief communication that didn’t seem to end amicably. Drethren teleported away in a undead style spell, leaving Damian on the field. Cormyr and the Four Winds probably havent seen the last of the Deadmaster.

Drethren Erevet the Deadmaster

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