Grumpy Door Guardian


Several magical abilities to guard his designated door. He chooses who goes in or out of his door. He is DC 40 to Open Locks or Knock spells and can shut himself every round so that even if the check is successful it will only be good for one person.

Trying to use Hold Portal or magically travel past him using dimensional travel both require a level check DC 30. He has no defense against psionic or planer travel.

He can see invisibility and into the Astral and Ethereal realms. However he cannot stop creatures in other planes from coming in.

His exact magical powers, AC, and Hardness are usually known to the current owner of Doorface. He also has the spell thief abilities of a 10th level Spellthief. When it comes to language affecting spells he can steal them permenatly if he has the others permission.


Used to guard Nafnaf and little Nafnafs small house in the Vast Swamp but since no one has really shown up in the last 2000 years it has gotten a little boring. When the Four Winds came through he made a deal with them that if he absorbed a language teaching item and placed on a more interesting door then he would let them in.

Doorface is used to the kingdom of Orva and complains endlessly about how things used to be better back in the old days. He has a permanent grumpy “kids get off my lawn” mentallity. Despite this he is an excellent and tireless guardian.


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