Dony Havies

New mayor of Quiet Thunder


A young tough lad who used to be the town bully along with his brothers. But lifes hard lessons and some good advice from members of the Four Winds have matured him considerably in the last year. He does what he think is right and enthuseasim makes up for inexperiance in alot of ways. He is trying to rebuild the destroyed town of Quiet Thunder and has the help of the feyfolk, druidic order, and even other Cormites. Talks didnt go so good with the barbarian tribes, the dwarven people of Cloudside, or the northern halfling villige. Still he does his best in the face of adversity. The towns biggest concerns are insect plagues sweeping the countryside and a sickness that has enveloped nearly everyone in eastern Cormyr.


Was once one of four brothers but luck was on his side the day he met the Four Winds. A chance meeting with cleric Ala of Tymora, ironicly enough a cleric of the goddess of luck, saved his life. He had saved up enough money to by his fiance a beautiful wedding ring, or new farm equipment. But not enough to do both. When he asked Ala for advice on this matter she followed her faith and told him to take it south to Wheelon and spend it entering a Three Dragon Ante tournament.

He did so and won a small amount. But more importantly he wasnt in town when it was raided by (supposed) Sembians. The town was almost destroyed and all his brothers were killed. Only the Four Winds arival saved it from being a slaughter.

After recovering emotionally Dony went to Suzail to file charges against the Iron Throne, whom he had discovered had been responsible for his towns attack. The Iron Throne had him imprisoned however and he would have died there if not for the Four Winds rescuing him once again. He traveled to Selgaunt in Sembia where he tried to complain to their government considering that the Iron Throne was based out of that city.

Unfortunatly he arrived when the city was starving and they were in no mood to listen to a foreigner. Especially since the Iron Throne was helping the government finance the crises. Dony almost got killed again but was saved yet again by the Four Winds (who were in town to bring down the Iron Throne, conveinently enough.)

He traveled back with the Four Winds onboard the Blue Vengence and traveled with them to Thunderstone. It was here that he took several of the refuges off their hands and went to rebuild the original town of Quiet Thunder.

The town of Quiet Thunder was pretty much the epicenter of the battle with Buzzant, the Hivemaster druid. Dony managed to say clear of that for a change.

But not later when a group of Loviatar worshipping preistesses came with goloms looking for the Four Winds. He found himself taken hostage and was saved at the last minute by Essodren flying into the sacrifice and most of the Four Winds right on his tail. He was escorted back home by Sunny Underhill.

Dony Havies

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