Dawnmaster Bolob

Head priest of Lathander in Suzail


A very powerful cleric in Suzail. He leads the city in prayers to Lathander, the Morninglord. Has access to thousands of dollars worth of magical items most of which are used to fight the undead.

Murdered by Cloudcaster, he resided in spirtual form in a small private chapel in the Temple of the Morning Glory. After the defeat of the undead kraken by Sunny Underhill, he felt that his time on this plane of existance was done and has moved on to his well deserved afterlife. He mentioned that he believes the letter of Lathanders law to be in good hands with the new Dawnmaster Foxva, and the spirit to be in good hands with a strange but good-hearted halfling.


A wise leader that seems much less stiff then most of his colleages. He was alot of help taking care of the homeless and needy after the horrific storm that blew through Cormyr over half a year ago. Right afterwards however it was rumored the church was robbed. Bolob denied those claims and it is believed that if he was robbed, all stolen property has been recovered. Although annoynomace sources say that one artifact is still missing……..

After the magical glitch that took place during the new years parade, Bolob was found murdered in his quarters in the temple of Lathander. A note on the body simply read “Elf lover” and all attempts to divine the note have come up with nothing. Several witnesses claimed to have seen a older human male that looked like Thefick Treber running frome the crime scene.

Dawnmaster Bolob

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