Stats at the end…

+5 AC (Maxed)

+35 Fire Resistance (1 of 5 upgrades purchased, 2 chew toys added 5 each… Max 120)

1d30+1 Fire Breath (Maxed, Mystical Chew Toy raised Max above 20)

Can breath 5/day, DC27 or catch fire (Maxed)

Has Scent (Maxed)


Cinders is just your typical Hell Hound. Well by typical I mean he was summoned on accident by a halfling in Westgate trying to escape a Devil fighting a Demon at the same time trying to avoid both the law and the TCDU (Taxi Carriage Drivers Union). Because of this there happened to be a paladin in the area soon after Cinders made his arrival to this plane of existence. It should be noted that the paladin is still preferable to the seedy underbelly of the unions politics.

Cinders ran off burning everything in sight and happy as a clam. Not hurting anyone, well anyone nonflammable at least. But apparently that wasn’t good enough for the paladin. He shouted things about law and righteousness and it was all very tiresome. The paladin, named Tim of all things, eventually caught up with Cinders in the Thunderpeak Mts. almost a year later. He captured the flaming pooch and then did something rather unpaladinly.

He skinned the animal alive.

Its not known how Tim manage to harvest the animals sentience into its skin, but he did. Normally when a Demon (like a Hell hound) dies their body either returns to the Abyss, or if killed on the Abyss dies for good.

Tim named the creature Cinders and constantly used his Smiting power against the poor helpless pyromaniac canine pelt. It didnt take long for a ranger by the name of CC to find the pair and the ranger manage to steal the pelt right out from the rangers nose. This has caused a rivalry between the two that continues to this day.

In public opinion it is pretty split. On one hand CC is a national hero several times over. On the other Tim is also pretty well known and a paladin to boot. It has almost come to blows several times but everytime some strange chaotic phenomenon keeps the two from clashing it out.

As for Cinders, as long as he is groomed steadily, fed coal continuously, kept well away from water, and most important allowed to burn things. He seems satisfied in his new state. Cinders is probably centuries old but has the mentality of a small child. He is fiercely loyal to CC however and obeys him even when he would rather not.

His favorite game is fetch.


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