Damian Mordiki


The first memory of Damian is waking up on a dirt road with a genie lamp and nothing else. Woody, his familiar, arrived shortly after him and notified him that he’s Half Elf Sorcerer. He used the last wish from the genie to understand who he was, but was directed to the closest town in order to discover his past. This is where he first ran into Ikidrom, a devil that offers all sorts of odd contracts. Damian has signed numerous deals with Ikidrom in hopes to better understand his past, but hasn’t had much luck.

Updated by Evil DM 5/3/12

A list of Damians Warlock Weaknessess and Benefits. It should be noted that this list is no longer accurate as he broke a contract and lost access to all benefits (while retaining all penalties). It will also be noticed that his list of benefits outnumber his list of penalties, this is because numerous times he agreed to perform a service rather then have a transformation, each service still cost a bit of his soul however. This list is not neccesarily in order and is what Damian had at his peak. He gained even more when he became the Warlock Lord once again, but this is what he had as Damian Mordiki.


Hair turned black and he couldnt grow it long
Hair turned inky
Tongue grew split into two halves vertically
Nails in his footprints hurt him
Cant step into Good holy ground and Nuetral holy ground hurts him
Must pay an extra 30 silver pieces on every transaction
Cannot sleep in the same spot twice
Constant subtle aura of death and wilting around him


Devil Vision: Can see through magical darkness, fog, detect undead, all at full distance
Darkness: As per spell
Devils Secrets: + 6 to all knowledge and spellcraft checks
Beguiling: + 6 to bluff, diplomacy, intimidate checks
Devour Magic: (cost 3 contracts) Dispel Magic per spell, deals damage to caster, heals Damian
Vitriolic Sphere: As per spell
Cania Ice Storm: As per spell (also cost a 7th level spell slot to avoid xp loss)
Contracts: Could actually create Contracts of Law
Around all Limits: Ignored the max hp rule
Lifeforce: Used Charisma modifier rather then Constitution for hp
Toughness: DR equal to Charisma modifier
Hideous Spells: Did extra evil damage on all damage dealing spells


Damian has been trying to learn about his past. He believes that he was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths from the Warlock Wars, but is unsure of how he “accomplished” this. He would like to find out in order to correct the mistakes that he made in the past.

Damian has learned bits and pieces of his past as well. His mother is a high priestess of Loviator who tortured him throughout his life. He managed to escape and was quickly turned away from the “good” churches. He ended up killing a transient who was going to kill him and was arrested and thrown in jail. This is where Ikidrom came in. Ikidrom spared his life.

Damian has made a number of bad decisions throughout his life. Working with devils has led to many issues with his adventuring party and cause people to distrust him even though he has helped them on numerous occasions. He wonders if he has made the right choice in life, but can’t see any good way out of his current situation. He does enjoy the power, but doesn’t want to be doomed to hell when he dies.

Damian Mordiki

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