Pirate Captain


Dread Pirate Caspian seems to be the boggeyman to scare the boggeymen. He is described as a average height male human with shaved head on either side and a patch of hair in the middle. He fights with a saber in one hand and wicked dagger in the other wearing only enchanted leather armor for protection.

His name alone is enough to make the hardened citizens of Westgate look around nervously and most other places turn and run. He apparently was greviously injured in the fight against Marsember by a well placed arrow by CC. The shot should have been lethal but no body was recovered. It is believed he has a highly skilled cleric in his employ.

In addition to his crazy scary melee ability, he has an entire fleet at his disposal he uses to pirate the entire Sea of Fallen Stars. The ship took heavy casualties with the combined might of Drethern Erevet the Deadmaster, the Blue Vengeance, the Cormyrian Mageguard, and especially the Four Winds.

*Updated 4-12-12

He has more recently been seen upgraded to Mithril Breast Plate armor and wearing a helm in the design of a skull. He is currently in route with a large armada of over three hundred ships on their way to Suzail. With him come orcs, sahugain, dragons, hobgoblins, and a dozen other creatures of evil intent. The fiercest is a mammoth kraken that flows beneath his mighty ships. If rumors are true, this kraken is even harder to kill then most.

For some reason, no banners of Umberlee fly with his ships anymore. This mystery is unknown though it is suspected the Four Winds are involved.

Sometimes the man does not live up to the myth. Despite overwhelming odds and gargantuan kraken on his side, Caspian still lost the invasion on the very first day. He crippled the city, through might and deciept of a dwarven agent, and even injured King Azoun IV himself. But the heart and soul of Cormyr will not bow to tyrants or madmen. He was defeated by the Four Winds and his head paraded through the battlefield.

His forces broke and ran, some with relief it seemed, when word spread that the invincible pirate king had fallen. Whether this man alone is responsible for someone claiming the title of “Caspian” or if another pirate warlord will aquire it is unknown. This is the first time in recorded history of anyone claiming that title has been verified of actually being killed.

tLittle is known about Caspians background. It is rumored that he has been around for over 1000 years. There is enough magic in Fearun to make that possible but it seems unlikely. Dread Pirate Caspian has been defeated before, the most recent before the Four Winds was ten years ago by the Lavender General in a little town south of Waterdeep.

It is unknown if Caspian is a title of sorts, more then one person, a dragon in disguise, or any of a thousand other possibilities. It is known that he is licking his wounds from the fight the Four Winds and Cormyr gave him. If he will come back bigger and stronger, try easier hunting grounds, or disappear again is unknown.

It is now known. He is coming back bigger and stronger.

The battle was hardfought, with effects still to be felt for years to come. But Suzail stood firm and strong against the incredible odds against it. Frosttail is now a recognizable hero o Suzail along with the Four Winds. The legend of Caspian may well have written its final chapter.

Odd note* strange tattoos were found on his back and chest of the corpse. It was difficult for clerics to reassemble them from the mangled corpse but they seem to depict four strange figures on horseback drawn in a very archaic style. On his chest were four names:


Their meaning is currently unknown.


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