Captain Bardabados

Noble of Westgate


A powerfully built man whos very build screams “Pirate.” He was a famous pirate who sailed for Dread Pirate Caspian for several years. He is very strong and quick for his size. While he has always been dangerous, recently he has settled down and taken to staying in doors. Still powerful politically though not as much as when he roamed the open waters.


About three years ago Bradabados came back to Westgate under cover of darkness and hasnt left since then. He hasnt set foot on a ship in the entire time as far as anyone knows. It is very rare that anyone is ever invited to his manor and he makes few public apperances. It is rumored that he came down with some sickness three years ago as his once healthy tanned skin has turned much paler and he orders much less food then he used to.

However anyone who has tried to find out more about the ex Captain soon learns that he is just as dangerous as ever. Even the Night Mask leave him alone as he seems content to stay withen his manor and let the rest of the city get along without him.

He was furious at Captain Underhill for lieing to him about his identity however, or the fact that it was Sunnys own ship, the Whispering Wind, that was so pivitol in the battle of Marsember, where his boss Dread Pirate Caspian was defeated. He sent an attack force out to Suzail and attacked the ship at dock, kidnapping the three Cryean elf refuges in the process. During the rescue attempt several revelations were revealed.

1. Bardabados was a vampire, cursed by none other then Marjuls daughter Ellowyen.
2. Sunny was apparently aware of this fact but didnt find it important enough to share.
3. Gren had an ex-husband named Bob, who was a beholder. Hes dead now, burned by Cinders.
4. Brandabados called Sunny by the name Captain Firewine.
5. A Angel of Death seemed offended by Sunnys existance.

However it ended that Captain Bardabados died permenantly at the magic of Essodren.

Captain Bardabados

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