Brameth Hornhelm

Female dwarven warrior who taught Zena


A strong yet patient warrior. Being female usually stops dwarves from picking up the axe and shield as the dwarves are such a long lived race. But every once in awhile a woman of such determination comes along that she will not be denied her birthright. Brameth Hornhelm is one such warrior.

Strong and skilled with patience for the young and other races. She had a fair share of adventures in the Underdark and on the surface in her time before decided to head back to her home of Thunderholme and teach the new generation how to fight. She quickly learned that there wasnt much place for a woman teacher among the dwarven people and taught few students privately. Despite the fact that her students fared better on average then most young warriors, she never reached much acclaim. It was during one of these lulls that a female barbarian with no combat training sought her out.


Slightly more then a year ago, in the spring of 1356, Zena of the Lightningpeak Clan sought out a teacher in the ways of battle. Her own people would not teach a woman as they deemed it a waste of time. Likewise Brameth could find no students for a similar reason. When Zena explained her story to Brameth about how a mind flayer had captured both her and her brother, the dwarven woman agreed to train her.

She spent less then six months teaching Zena the ways of sword, axe, spear, hammer, and smaller weapons. She taught her the benefits of a shield, which most of Zenas people disdained. She let Zena go when the barbarian woman received word her brother was missing. Brameth would have come with her, but Zena needed to travel fast and there was no way the dwarven womans short legs could keep up with a child of the Thunderpeaks.

Brameth disappeared about a year ago when the Great Fall took down half the mountain.

Brameth Hornhelm

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