Bory and Tory

Twin brothers that fight side by side


Both these brothers are low to mid level fighters weilding a single scimitar. They are black skinned and obviously not local. Despite this they only have the faintest traces of accent and that seems to be more sailor then heritage. They have a system of fighting that helps when they are fighting next to each other or against the same foe. They wear studded leather as it gives them protection but they can still swim in it.


Real names are Borythalamatolous and Torycarathrachrion. That is way more then a mouthful so their nicknames ended up being simply Bory and Tory. They look and dress so much alike no one can tell them apart if the twins dont want them too. Bory wears a red headband to his brothers blue one, and that is the only way they can be told apart. If the two decided to switch headgear, not even the captain can spot a difference.

They both went with the Four Winds in space against the neogi fleet. Helped man siege weaponry and fought boarding partys in close melee.

Bory and Tory

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