Belin Firerock

Dwarven Noble of Thunderholme


Belin is a diplomat and a merchant, not a warrior. Not bad traits in a king but sometimes you need someone who is just a bit less a politition. He has a deep hatred for Bane that started with the way he ran for the Throne and ended with a big steaming pile in his living room (litterly).

He is no longer the king since the reelectin that put Ebert Hammerstriker on the throne. It seems the Hammerstrikers have made an enemy for life in Belin Firerock.


Belin loves his daughter, Terra Firerock, but warns her of her infatuation with the dwarven warrior Bane Hammerstriker. He works hard to discredit anything Bane accomplishes, a task that is proving more difficult as the young fighter racks up more and more victories for his people.

He is trying to figure out a way to get rid of Bane permanently without enraging the dwarven people who have started to look at young Hammerstriker as a growing Paragon. Belin is a honorable dwarf and firmly believes that he is doing what is best for his people, that Bane will ultimatly lead them to a disasterous end.

Mostly the non dwarven people Bane associates with, especially Polk, have detered Belin from trying to come to terms with Bane. He is trying to come up with a way to discredit him while still maintaining his own posistion.

His biggest help actually comes from one of Banes own. Arylin Starflower manages to inflame the dwarves against elves everytime she opens her mouth. What she says is true, but she says it in the worst way according to dwarven sensibilies.

Arylin has added to her inability to be civil with Belin (who makes no effort to be civil himself) by flatly refusing to sell him the Starmetal at any resonable price. He has made his dislike of her very well known, though it is unclear how far he will go. In his own mind, Belin sees himself and practical, reasonable, and the very epitome of dwarfdom.

Sadly, racism seems to be a growing trend as Belin Firerock, Thefick Treber, and Busurckirim Cloudcaster all share it.

*UPDATED 3-9-12

Belin Firerock falsly accussed Bane Hammerstricker of crimes one to many times. After the Four Winds rescued his daughter from the clutches of monsters in the Shadowthaig, Belin accussed Bane of tricking her as well as bringing a cursed dwarven artifact from the depths of the underdark for nefarious purposes. However these charges didnt get far as Terra Firerock quickly came to Banes defense as a hero and savior of both herself and dwarven heritage having secured not one, but two lost dwarven outpost in the last 48 hours.

King Ebert had enough and after a quick consultation with Bane, had Belins shaved, exiled, and outcast from the realm of Thunderholme with the sentence of wandering the surface world until death or cloudsickness claimed him.

While technically he lost his fortune which will now be inherited by his daughter Terra, he maintains wealth and influence still among his contacts. He will never be a force to be reckoned with in Thunderholme again but he will no longer be compelled by dwarven honor anymore. The Four Winds have not heard the last of Belin Firerock.

The last of Belin Firerock came less then three weeks later. During Caspians invasion of Suzail a deal had been struck between the human pirate lord and the exiled dwarven noble. Using a disguise to appear as Bane, Belin betrayed the city and crippled the citys defenses. He was captured by Frosttail and dropped into the sea. Despite the fact that the waters were raging and the dwarf couldnt swim, CC made sure to put and arrow into his head to ensure that the dwarf stayed well and truly dead.

Belin Firerock

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