Weathered old sailor with a half chewed face. Ballista operator


Baty is over 60 years old human that has spent almost his entire life at sea. He believes in almost every superstition though he lets Pig slide on being a female. He is a crackshot with the ballista and one particular onboard the Blue Vengeance is his baby. He wont let anyone else fire it, although since he can damn near hit a apple at five hundred feet no one argues.


His face was half chewed off a while back and he is a bit ugly to look on. Most of his teeth are missing and he has a permanent squint. It is believed his face was chewed off by bats but he has never said what did it. He has poor eyesight but remarkeable hearing. Still nothing superhuman however. He is the oldest person onboard the ship and has known Captain Threefeet for almost thirty years. He would make a find captain himself but he hates the responsibility of others. His biggest love is his ballista.

He went with the Four Winds in space against the neogi fleet. Specilization was the Storm Balissta.


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