Bane Hammerstriker


Bane is your typical Dwarven fighter. He is young (for a dwarf), only about 55 years old, but has seen a lot of action in those few years. He has blue eyes and black hair. He currently wears lack dragon scale armor, a spoil of war cut from a particularly surly dragon named Dyspair. He wears a purple cloak (of protection) and a dragon helm. His boots appear to be made of solid stone but are pliable on his feet like leather (boots of the earth (special item)). He has a shield with the crest of his home kingdom of Thunderholme, and wields the weapon of his namesake, a warhammer. The hammer is a legacy weapon to his clan and is possessed by the spirit of his father, Bashif Hammerstriker. The hammer hums ominously and is covered in dwarven runes. The hammer also sizzles with electricity and can be easily thrown by Bane, but the hammer returns to its master at the slightest thought.


Bane grew up in the underground kingdom of Thunderholme located in the mountains along the eastern border of Cormyr. Thunderholme is seperated into three cities: Cloudside, Thunderholme, and Underthunder. Thunderholme is the hub of the kingdom while Cloudside is run mostly by merchants and is where the surface dwellers to business buying armor, weapons, gold and gems. Underthunder is very much the opposite. It sits deep underground, on the outskirts of the underdark. The residents of Underthunder are mostly warriors and are trained at a young age to deal with the evils that lay in the deep dark.

Bane was born into clan Hammerstriker, one of the nine core clans of the kingdom. When Bane had just grown to manhood and had passed the tests to be a true warrior of the clan, a great quake shook the mountain. The great quake caved in most of the passages of Thunderholme and buried the cities. Thousands of dwarven were killed in the fall. During the fall, Bane was out on a patrol. His troop met a group of orcs. During their fight, the dwarven weapons and armor mysteriously shattered. The troop was killed and Bane was stripped of all weapons and armor. He was taken prisoner and led to a temple tucked into the mountains. While waiting in his cell to be sacrificed to some orcish deity he met an odd group of adventurers….

Bane Hammerstriker

The Four Winds Hammerstriker