Brash cocky young ranger


Same age as CC but fully human. Avisded has twice CC brashness but only half his skill. Despite this the two of them are good friends and comrades in arms. Avisded fought in the Warlock War but didnt get nearly as close to the action as CC did. He trained under a different ranger that died during the war. CC trained under Vivick, the best the army had.

Despite the fact that Avisded is no match for CC, that doesnt mean he cant handle himself in a fight if he must. Though he would prefer archery from a distance to down and dirty combat.


A wise cracking womanizing flirt, though he still has a good heart and does the right thing. Ever since the war ended he is either out in the field making reports and watching Cormyrs border. Or he is back in headquarters trying to pick up yet another girl. It is unknown what will stop him first, an orc arrow or a paternity suite.


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