Arilyn Starflower


Originally an elf from the lost nation of Cyre, on the distant world of Eberron, most of her real development has been on the planet of Toril, in the region of Cormyr, on Faerun. She’s come a long way from the 5’2", 94 pound slender elf maiden with deep coppery red hair.

While she is still 5’2" and looks to weigh in at the same 94#, she actually weighs a whopping 241 pounds. A quick glance at her tells explains the reason for the change, since she is now a solid forest green color from head to toe, having replaced her entire body with green star mineral. Her hair is braided, and hangs down her back.

She is generally dressed in studded leather, with a spear, longbow, longsword, and daggers at hand. Her carriage is confident, and her eyes roam constantly in an alert posture. As with many adventurers, she carries a wealth of other gear, most noticeably: a leather backpack, knee-high leather boots, and a thick belt of woven metals.

Arilyn Starflower

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