Female cleric of Tymora


A powerful Cleric of Tymora that grew up and trained in the Dalelands before traveling south on a mission from her temple. When news of the Purple Crown being stolen was breached to the public, most temples sent ambasadors to help retrieve the crown. The reward offered at first was tempting but to such large entities such as the major churches, it was mostly the prestige that drew them. Cormyr’s monarch King Azoun IV soon made it clear that no more then one priest of a religion may send a representitive as Suzail was quickly becoming overcrowded. The Lady of Luck sent a bright eyed young and untrained recruit that was not local to the area, despite one of the largest temples to Tymora being located just a few days north in Arabel. This is completly opposite to the approach taken by all other temples who sent their most senior member that could be spared. Just staying true to Tymoras nature of luck over skill.

Ala was unskilled at first, back in fall of the year 1356. But through adventuring, mostly with the Four Winds, she is a decent force to be reckened with in early 1358.


Ala hasnt been seen recently, her most recent adventure with the Four Winds ending with her almost single handedly vaporizing the powerful vampire lord Longtooth (see Famous Dead ) by herself. She has been spotted several times in more times since this encounter, but has been kept busy by the constant disasters of Cormyr to be searching for the elusive (if not entirely fictional) Atheb Firewine and finding the Purple Crown.

Between the Extreme Winter, raids on villiges by the Iron Throne and orcs, war with Kord the Red Orc King, almost war with Sembia, Insect Swarms, Plauge, fall off and reclaiming of Thunderholme, Fury Storm, harbor attacks by Caspian, neogi attacks, undead uprising in Suzial, food shortages in Selgaunt, undead orc army outside Arabel, bizzare water reformation a short time ago and consequant uprising of ancient monsters and horrors ………… Ala has been a pretty busy little cleric.

Maybe she will find time to return to her hunt of the Purple Crown. But if Atheb Firewine is real, and still has the crown, there is no way he would be foolish enough to remain in Cormyr. Besides, the Elven people sent Talindra Starflower to find the crown and Ala is confident that the elven woman wont rest until that goal is fulfilled.


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