Buserickim Cloudcaster

Racist Arrogant ambassador


High level elven mage with more then two dozen well armed and trained elven troops with him. His troops range from fighters, archers, mages, clerics, bladesingers, bards and other adventuring classes. He has several magical items that he uses to protect his person and privacy.


He is in charge of finding out the whereabouts of the Purple Crown. He is holding Talindra Starflower imprisoned for treason to the elven nation. He is arrogent and racist towards any nonelves, with half elves being the biggest offenders.

He has a large reward out for word of Arylin Starflower though it is unknown what he wants her for. Current price sits at 80,000gp. He knows the neogi are also hunting her though he never found out why. He doesnt believe her claims of ignorance.

Turned out that Cloudcaster wanted Arylin for charges against her processed by the Imperial Elven Navy. Filferil Obraskyr, Queen of Cormyr, recieved information that the charges filed agianst her were not entirely correct. Upon communicating with nobles at Eversky, a quick investigation, helped by the fact that the investigating party new exactly where to look and what to look for, quickly found that it was a series of questions and comments about Arylin that had been altered by Cloudcaster to look like charges.

It seemed Cloudcaster was trying to do everything in his power to make sure that Cormyr and the Elven Empire went to war. The situation with the Starflowers just proved to be a convienent excuse. He has recently lost his status as ambassador and is currently en route to Eversky where he will await a trial to determine his fate.

His posistion and power lost, he is rumored to have a grudge against the Four Winds and Starflowers in general, espcially with their association of Thefick Treber, whom he still firmly believes is in league with the Four Winds and Talindra Starflower especially.

He gathered a group of highly skilled mages from Eversky in a attempt to kill Arylin and the Four Winds but was discovered by Eltibald Lastlight. The Four Winds, plus the druid Screech, found and defeated the ex ambassador and all the other mages. Some fled but others, including Cloudcaster, died.

With Buserickim Cloudcasters death, the threat of the elves over the loss of the Purple Crown, has seemengly ended.

Buserickim Cloudcaster

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