The Four Winds

Xul_Jarek round two.

After the adventure at Mithral Hall, the Four Winds returned to Cormyr. Bane once again went to his beloved Thunderholme to see how things were progressing and Essodren went to see his people in the Vast Swamp.

Damian, Arylin, and CC all went to Suzail to put in the Whispering Wind for the repairs and upgrades it would need for whatever Khelbon Blackstaff needed. They knew that their beloved ship would be unreachable for the next month or two. CC went to the ranger station to report, Damian went to see how the book was coming along, and Arylin stayed with the ship to make sure it was taken care of properly. Whether from the Cormyrian shipwrights or the two gnome engineers is unclear.

Arylin quickly learned that the Flitter had been confiscated somehow and was missing, she went to inform CC and they quickly found it on the docks under the care of Eltibald Lastlight, who was using it as a stool to do his fishing. He said that their was a note on the ship and it was free for him to take. Especially since he had to drop a friend off in Teziir.

CC meanwhile had received word from his friend Avisdad that neogi had been spotted in the area near Teziir and apparently were buying up slaves from the multiple thieves guilds. The two companions took the Flitter and zoomed over to Teziir to investigate.

What happened in the city is unclear but the two left about five days later with the town in the middle of a small crises amid destruction and screams and some bizarre creature raining death from above. Somehow along the way, they had picked up Gren Razorclaw as a passenger.

Arriving at Suzail they found Essodren at the city gates trying to send word in. He had trouble to report at the Vast Swamp with Sembia heavily interested in the Orvaskyte Ruins. Also Bane sent him with a message that strange plague ridden orcs were attacking Thunderholme in small droves. So far the dwarves had driven them back easily but their numbers were increasing and their were only so many dwarves.

The Four Winds reunited (except Sunny still MIA from the parade) and decided the orcs were the more immediate threat. They went off to Xul-Jarek and found that Kords younger living brother Adrack (aka Pukeface) had concocted a ritual to put Kords soul in a stone golom of disease and rot. Becoming a minor avatar of Yutrus’s will. History repeated itself with the group fighting their way down to the depths of the disease filled fortress, CC fighting Kord till almost the bitter end when Bane stepped in and got the final kill. Kord had kept his strength and put up quite a fight, that Arylin learned to her dismay, but in the end the three of them took down the quasi god while Essodren and Damian fought Adrack in a magical battle.

After the battle Essodren apparently saw something near the avatar that had recently housed Kords soul and drifted into the spirit world. He was gone a long while but returned with a grim look (even for a lizardman). He would not say what transpired in the Ethereal Plane.



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