The Four Winds


The group arrived in Suzail, resurrected Rickard and prepared to set sail out to space to invade the Rock of Bral, a spaceport nearby that neogi had conquered and left ogres in charge of. They also learned of a insane thief madman with chaotic powers that had a monkey pet and had apparently manage to rob the entire treasury.

Figuring the Purple Dragons could hanlde the strange thief, the Four Winds set sail. The crew of the Blue Vengence came aboard as well for aditional seasoned manpower. A strange oriental woman named Kat snuck on board at the last moment.

It was revealed that the invasion on the Rock of Bral was a subterfuge and Kat had manipulated them to be at the right place at the right time. It seemed she was working for Sephris. She had the power to stop time thanks to a tattoo scribed across the whole of her back. She did so and a portal opened up off in the distance and the Spelljammer itself came out.

The Whispering Wind manage to land on the Spelljammer and Arylin quickly found she could pilot the thing, which was good since it was on autopilot and took a massive amount of spell energy just to keep it going. She pushed the ship back into the demiplane of Time.

Coming out of the plane of time the ship found itself two hundred years in the past reengaged in a fight that history already claimed the forces of Toril won. Their main foe was a neogi fleet lead by Tyrankalis, a half neogi, half rakshasa titan demigod.

Arylin manage to get the Spelljammer close enough and blast a hole in the giant Citidel for the Whispering Wind to get into. The crew blasted into the defenders of the citidel and quickly overcame them. CC stayed back to guard the ship with the Blue Vengence while Flutterbe, Kat, and the rest of the Four Winds went looking for Tyrankalis.

They eventually found him and a fight ensued. Tyrankalis was pretty much unhurtable except Sunny had the special amulet forged by the titans of Ebberon to capture his soul if it could be put on him. Damian manage to distract the godthing enough, but had his head pulled off and his body thrown into another plane of existance for his efforts.

Still the Four Winds prevailed, minus poor Damian, and made it back to the ship. They reboarded the Spelljammer and headed back to their own time.

They found that due to the time anomally fixing itself, noone knew anything about the Whispering Wind flying and got very upset if such a thing was even mentioned. Kat warned them that the timestream protects itself by causing unreasonable anger in anyone that is talked to about it that wasnt heavily involved. So far only Court Mage Vangerdhast seems to know what the Four Winds actually accomplished. The neogi threat has left Toril of their own violation but it is only a matter of time before they return. The Four Winds must find a way to destroy the medallion and the soul contained withen it.

Also Tim and his adventuring group, the Golden Gauntlets, captured Atheb Firewine. After interviewing the halfling however the Four Winds are convinced that the paladin has the wrong guy.

Later they tried to stop the supposedly dead and extremly chaotic Tork Kinifyen. Sunny made away with his throwing daggers, a strange ring, and his monkeys vest of holding(????). But Tork manage to escape them and got a giant spiritual bear to scare the hell out of a group of gathered peasents.

Session ends with Tork escaping, no one knowing that the Four Winds basically saved the planet, Damian beheaded and his body gone, still holding onto a demigods soul, a wrongfully accused man, Bane drunkenly smashing everything in sight, and a stranger waiting for them aboard the Whispering Wind.



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