The Four Winds

The last entry

After the battle with Cloudcaster the group takes on other strange and powerful foes such as Dread Pirate Caspian, Thefick Treber, Singe of Amantaur, and Warmech.

They search out a strange ruin outpost of Torm in the lands near Halfhap and recover the last piece of the Kingsword Silveredge. They discover a strange necromantic ward in the village of Drakengard and trace its remains near the mountains to the north. Along the way they come across Tim the paladin, dying at the hands of incredibly powerful ghouls. Deciding to bury him there with all his belongings, the group moves on. At last discovering that Drethren Erevet the Deadmaster had set up the ward and was working with the Zhentarim. Fighting through the outpost most of the Four Winds hold off a never ending wave of ghouls. Damian chases the necromancer into a cavern, presumably to fight it out in a magical showdown.

But things get interrupted when the tunnel starts shaking around them. Combining their knowledge they realize that a powerful and gargantuan undead creature is moving around nearby. Damian comes back out of the tunnel and warns them they have to flee. Taking his advice the group makes it to the outside to see not one, nor two, but SIX titan size Corspe Gatherers lumbering in the distance. Guessing they are being drawn to the necromantic symbol in Drakengard the party heads back there.

Spirits by the thousands await in Drakengard, including the long dead and still mutilated body of Vivick, CCs old ranger mentor. Assembling the pieces of the Kingsword the group learns they cannot use it without the crown. They pass the sword from person to person until it winds up in the hands of Damian. Who instantly teleports away with it.

Stunned by this betrayal, the group looks around and sees that the sorcerer has put a dimensional lock around himself about a mile above their heads. CC takes to the sky anyway in a desperate attempt to reach him. CC puts the crown on his head and pulls out a sealed scroll. Cutting the seal with the artifact of the symbol of rulership of Cormyr, Damian Mordiki reads the devils last instructions to him.

However he cannot bring himself to betray the only creature to ever show him nothing but love and respect. Rather then killing his faithful familiar Woody, the sorcerer deactivates his magical boots that stop attacks from affecting specific portions of his body and stabs himself through the heart. Unfortunately since he violated his contract, he frees the other member, Ikidrom, from being bound by his oath. Ikidrom invades Damians mind and the two do a battle of mind for his body. As Damian was forced to a level of beginning apprentice by breaking the contract, he quickly losses.

Ikidrom forces his soul back to its original origin inside Damians body, and his soul rejoins itself. His body twist and rejects the change but is forced into the awful terrible shape of the Warlock Lord. Power spews from him in every direction for minutes on end, causing a Armageddon in the area that devastates the landscape. After finally regaining control of himself he commands both the undead forces and the spirits of Cormyr to attack the city of Arabel.

With that he flees for places unknown.

The next day is busy for both groups. The Four Winds explain the situation of the previous year and that they need to combat their former companion to stop the attack on Arabel. Meanwhile the forces of Cormyr are still scattered and weak from Caspians invasion just a few days before. And other powerful forces that would normally help are busy with what is going on by Damians actions. So the Four Winds spend their hard earned treasures and call in all their favors to prepare themselves as much as possible for the battle to come.

Damian Mordiki on the other hand, taken over by his more evil nature, is invading Mt. Celestria itself. Into the very realm of Everwatch, and stealing the Tablets of Fate from under the god Helms very nose. Helm was never aware that the Eternal Door was ever unlocked. But it had been for almost a year, by Damian himself when he used the power of the Fane of Shadows. Damian escapes with the Tablets. He gives the tablets to his master, Mephistopheles who trades them to the gods of Death and Tyranny, Myrkul and Bane. A contract of law is signed between the archdevil and the two deity’s. A contract that all parties will come to regret withen ten hours. But that is another tale.

The Four Winds are visited by Frosttail the young white dragon very big for his age. He complains of a creature of fire in his mountain and demands help of the lesser small folk to remove this irritation. The Four Winds agree and catch a ride on a dragon to the Thunderpeak mountains. Along the way they see that not all news is dire as Dony Havies is getting married to a young village woman. They wave but do not stop their last desperate mission.

The cave near Cloudside the cave where Damian returned after having his head ripped off by a titan-god two hundred years in the past, has been altered. A round tunnel as smooth as silk and obviously new runs to deadly confrontation that will forever shatter the bond of the Four Winds.

What happens in that cave is never revealed, unless you were there to witness it. But the aftermath may be found in the Story Section under The Final Chapter .

I hope you enjoyed the campaign. It was a HELL of a ride.

Evil DM



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