The Four Winds

The Cataclysm

The party of the Four Winds helped out a stranded kender named Ferret Snitchwhistle. He “borrowed” a few artifacts from the city of Istar days before the Cataclysm struck and was stuck in a recurring paradox. He needed someone to recover the items he stole and return them to him at the World Serpent Inn. However the portal he lead adventurers too lead to Istar three days prior to the Cataclysm. After the fiery mountain struck, the portal would reset and the paradox would repeat itself.

The Four Winds braved the dangers and recovered the artifacts. Returning at the last second before they were also crushed by the fiery mountain. Ferret was convinced to return the artifacts and face his destiny as yet another casualty of the Kingpriest arrogance.

The last child of Istar was returned, and the curse was broken.



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