The Four Winds

Temple of Pain

The Four Winds decended into the hidden temple of Loviatar and Damians mother, Shalisa Mordiki. The group learned that Shalisa was trying to put Damians soul into a wholly magical golom construct that would greatly increase Damians power, yet make him a eternal slave to his mothers evil whims. The Four Winds destroyed the goloms, all the followers, and eventually Shalisa herself. They freed the captive villagers of Quiet Thunder and Sunny Underhill lead the villagers out. The rest of the Four Winds pressed on and found that there was another level under the first.

They found their way back cut off by none other then Loviatar herself and only Banes god Dumathion, Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, kept the group alive by the goddesses wrath. THe group found some sort of strange man named Pontwork, who seemed some sort of “everman” his blood was a key ingrediant to the magic Shalisa was working as it seemed that Pontwork couldnt die. Or at least not for very long. After destroying the labratory and finding a hidden vault to Dumathion, the group rested up to face Shalisa again. This time her soul was entombed inside an adamantium golom almost thirty feet tall!

The golom was fed by the pure fires of the Weave, much to CInders dissapointment. The group fought long and hard, despite the loss of their halfling captain and the dwarfs disinterest. In the end CC landed the final blow and Essodren watched Shalisa soul obliterated. Cursing her son was her last thought of existance.

The ruined temple fell apart around them but Dumathion reached up to shelter them from the cave in, and silently lead them to a tunnel that would return them to the surface.



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