The Four Winds

Talons farewell

After several individual adventures in the dimensional pocket mansion, some more relaxing then others, the party stepped out of the pocket dimension to find the halfling, dwarf, and shifter definitely not waiting for them. Not at all. They were nowhere in sight. A bit of tracking by CC found that Bane had managed to find a secret door in a solid wall but despite the groups best efforts, they couldnt follow him. The ranger then turned his attention to finding the lost shifter and halfling. Polk turned his attention to Damian and almost incapacitated the poor sorcerer.

The group found a seemingly empty room containing only a stone mural on the wall and a longsword made completely of glass in one corner. Arylin examined the mural and almost ran in fear, only CCs quick thinking and his oriental gift saved the spellthief from an embarrassing collision with the wall. The group then examined the longsword and Essodren learned it was the diamond dagger in grownup form when he dropped it upon trying to pick it up.

Arylin had a better idea of sliding it into her bag of holding without actually touching it. What the sword itself thought of this idea would soon become known.

Then the party noticed Sunny and Talon for the first time upon entering. Talon was still in dwarf form, drooling and timid. Sunny was shaking his head and admonishing his finger at Arylin. All this was a little hard to see because they and all their equipment (sans the diamond dagger apparently) had shrunk to about 1 inch in size. They learned that there was a corner of the room that shrunk everything down to about 1/70th of its original size. Backing away from the corner before they could become part of it, Sunny convinced the group to try and use the dagger/swords chaotic power to try and reverse it.

CC reached into Aylins bag and promptly produced a pair of stinky muddy fishing boots. He looked at Arylin quizzically, who looked at the bag quizzically, the bag had an air of distain about it like it didnt have to take this abuse, but choose to anyway. CC tried again and concentrated a little harder. This time he was rewarded with a very unhappy skunk that was about to show how unhappy he was. Since they traveled with Polk and were used to this kind of attitude, CC was ready with words of kindness and placating gestures that lowered the skunks attitude into merely irritated. The skunk crawled inside the muddy boots and huffed.

CCs third attempt actually produced the diamond sword and he and Sunny could begin. They both touched it and sure enough, magical surges started flying. It may have dawned on them that creating chaotic surges in a gateway to the lawful planes of hell may have repercussions later, but they ignored those pesky problems as something they just didnt want to think about right now.

Arylin and Essodren took cover as best they could but the door was blocked by the immovable force of irritation from Polk and aura of wisdom draining that he exuded. Damian had fallen firmly under its sway. They all envied the dwarf Bane, who had somehow gotten freely away and probably didnt have a care in the world.

The chaotic surges manage to rust Sunnys weapons, which got better. Switch Sunny and CCs minds with their bodies, create and uncr a tattoo on CCs arm, a few lesser effects, and eventually granted them a wish which did indeed put everything back the way it was. Sunny was so relieved that he excused himself to go use a unpopulated area of dungeon to relieve himself the rest of the way. They also found that they could not put the sword down and either Sunny or CC had to hold the sword at all times. They decided on CC for now because he was the more responsible.

During this time Polk admonished that adventurers in his day could hold their bladder for six days straight and never think twice about it. Also what adventurers produced was twice as large and didnt stink. He had more to say on the subject but everyone nearby was too busy looking for an object to poke out their eardrums with to listen.

CC came across a locked door and the only direction they had yet to explore. He could hear chains rattling on the other side of the room. He decided to hack at the door with the sword that could cut through anything. It was after all, the responsible thing to do. Polk nodded approvingly at this direct approach. His first swing made the door better, as if it had been freshly made. Not deterred he kept swinging. This may have continued all day until Arylin managed to get him too at least let Sunny take a look at the door.

Sunny came back, inspected CCs handy-work, and noted that he would not have made a very good halfling. Then he picked the lock. Sunny took the diamond sword from CCs hand to prove that HE was the more responsible of the two. Then he promptly took out an ancient playing card he had found ……….. on the ground over there ………… and ripped it in two while holding the diamond sword. It worked out pretty well for him.

Inside were several kytons, some looking a little confused to be there, as if they had been summoned there to deal with extra chaotic powers or something. For some reason, the name Marjul resonated from the room.

They had a nice hateful speech all planed but Essodren was ready to get the party started and started casting. If there was one thing kytons loved more then nice hateful speeches, it was nice hateful killing. Sunny even stood back and let CC block the doorway …………………. for about six seconds before he jumped right over the ranger and into the middle of the room.

Arylin and Essodren cast from the hallway, CC blocked the door, and Sunny whirled like a midget dervish in the middle of the room. Damian raised his hands to cast an epic spell to help his party immensely or maybe he was going to read up on kytons and their hobbies, it was never known because before he could do either Polk grabbed his sleeve and explained that he should go in the room, grab the nearest chain devil and wrestle it to the ground.

The diamond sword was in full effect and randomly brought in flower, quoted Waterdeep stock prices, and blasted kytons apart with the essence of chaos in a mad flurry of slashes. He was doing so well that CC moved his way into the room to fight by his side and get his share of kills. Arylin moved to block the door and used the Heirloom blade to full effect. Unknowing that this would be the last time she ever swung it.

Then the chaos blade lived up to its nature and turned the entire fight on its head. The kytons couldnt miss and the Four Winds couldnt hit. Sunny and CC took heavy hits and blood flew. Bones snapped and bruises formed and every hit they threw out missed. Arylin seemed to fair a little worse but still held up her end of the fight.

Damian was too busy arguing with Polk that wrestling anything with chains for skin was a horrible idea to notice. The entire Four Winds might have died right there except that Essodren realized this was his kind of fight. He ran into the room and blasted a killing spell at the nearest kyton. It disappeared instantly, banished to the Nine Hells.

CC had to drink a potion of Heal and almost immediately had its effects negated by another barrage of chains. Essodren healed CC who ran out of the room. Essodren was attacked left, right, and sideways but the kytons couldnt manage to get through his defenses. The battle was quickly ended in Essodrens most useful fight to date.

It was then that Talon made it over to the Portal and finally started to grow. He had been in his one inch form ever since because no one had told him to grow bigger. He started to concentrate very intently. At this point Ellowyen Derigos reappeared in a pile of chains to claim that her fathers sins remained, but would not long plague this place. She left once again with the parting words “Are sins ever forgiven?”

Talon turned from a dwarf into a tree and grew to the ceiling, then kept growing. At this point Sunnys eyes got wide and he cried out “Damn, Talon has Fireblood!” and he ran up to the growing tree. A little confused at the correct protocol of getting the attention of a being who is sacrificing the rest of eternity of its existence in blocking a portal to hell from reaching the world he resided in, he paused. Then he knocked politely. It wasnt that he wanted Talon to stop what he was doing with keeping the eternally evil forces of hell from coming into his living room and saying hi. But if he could only have his attention for a moment that would be swell.

A small branch extended out to the halfling and on it was not a apple size ruby like he had been hoping for, but rather a leather string necklace with a flint arrowhead attached. Sunny took the arrowhead in confusion and a look of astonishment crossed his face, followed by a look of sorrow.

It must have been really sad because Sunny didnt notice when the growing tree pushed through the ceiling and rubble started falling down all around them. Polk, being the tactical genius he was, knew that whenever Talon was involved inevitably some part of the landscape was going to come crashing down and had already “lead the charge” back to the surface. Essodren grabbed the stunned Sunny under one arm, glanced at the poor druid who had been forced to spend eternity erasing another mans mistake, whoever this Marjul was, and bolted after the rest of the group.

They came piling out of the still growing tree, now a real one not a stone tree, and noticed several things.

1. Bane was standing next to a wide open door to the shrine of Chronos with a look of awe on his face.

2. Sunny was losing the look of awe on his face and starting to come around.

3. Damian had manage to break free of Polks aura during the run and was looking around.

4. Rick was laying stone dead on the ground by a badly wounded hydra.

5. The undead Cerebus was watching all this quite calmly and bemused.

6. There was a ruby the size of an apple growing out of a low-hanging branch like a piece of fruit.

Essodren made a grab for the apple and let Sunny go. CC roared in vengeance and unmade the hydra eating Rickards corpse. He noticed several other dead creatures of the swamp near the fallen ranger and knew two things. One is that Rickard had not gone down easily and two is that something had called the creatures to this spot, it was too much a coincidence for them all to show up on their own.

The Cerebus said to Damian that the deal had been fulfilled and turned to leave. This wasnt good enough for Sunny who pursued the beast, to Polks delight and everyone elses astonishment.

Arylin and CC followed, Bane continued to stare in awe. CC and Essodren decided to stay with Bane till he recovered. When Sunny caught up to the beast the conversation was very short and ended with Sunny issuing a challenge that the Cerebus more then happily accepted. Maybe Sunny didnt mean it as a challenge but talking with devils is tricky as they may take certain things very lit.

It was a wonderful fight and fun for all. Damian got some reading and flying time in, CC and Arylin got some exercise, and Sunny got to see how many new tricks his sword could do. In the end the mighty duo of Sunny and Essodren was all it took to get very very lucky and have the diamond sword send the big bad doggie away before someone got very hurt. Gotta be careful with gigantic devil undead dogs of hell. Could poke an eye out with one of those things.

Some interesting travel arrangements later, which involved Essodren as CCs and Rickards tour guide through the Ethereal Plane with a smart ass spirit owl for company. And Damian teleporting the creatures who preferred to remain in the land of the living, the group made it back to Suzail.



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