The Four Winds


This is just a quick post to help remind everyone where we are. Hopefully Jack and Chad will finish their recaps soon and we can post something better then this. Chad, remember that Jacks goes first chronologically, so wait till he post before putting yours on. Also there is no spellcheck on Obsidian Portal, so write up elsewhere, then copy paste it here.

The Last of the Iron Throne.

CC, Essodren, and Arylin went to Arabel looking for rumors that the last leader of the Iron Throne of Suzail, Phamdrick, was still alive. They had a lead he went under the name Xanadu Zeb and was posing as a minor crime boss. The group found him and Essodren accidentally killed him during questioning. Using divinations, the Purple Dragons tracked the group down and arrested them.

Eltibald Lastlight was hired as their lawyer for a 10% fee and the group quickly found itself freed, as it became clear that Phamdrick was responsible for the plague that had gripped Cormyr recently. The Four Winds were hired to to examine all possible leads to cure the plague. Searching through Phamdricks notes lead them to the Kings Forest in the west of Cormyr. They found a magical animated rock that seemed to be a doorway, however only authorized Iron Throne personal could enter.

Learning from a local dryad that there was an old human man entering, the group went off to investigate. The old man was in the wilderness on the west side of Sembia. CC tracked the man down and it was none other then Thefick, his father and rapist of Talindra. The man was almost dead of plague but refused any cure, magical or otherwise, until he was pardoned by King Azoun himself. The party had no choice but to bring him before the king. Should be noted that Thefick continued to insult and degrade all things elven the entire trip. Thefick also learned that CC was his son, and didnt seem to know how to take that. When brought before the king, he was pardoned and granted asylum before he gave up the code that would allow entry.

Curing the Plague.

The Four Winds were rejoined by Damian Mordiki and Sunny Underhill as they went back to the Kings Forest to investigate. The code worked and the group soon found itself fighting fiendish orc vampires, remnents of Longtooth who was himself a remnent of Belwar, a evil orc vampire from Cormyrs past. The group found the plague to be caused by the twisting of a captured deva named Trias. He had been held and captured by Kenowor, one of the four generals of the Warlock Lord. Kenowor was in a state of suspended animation, it seemed both Phamdrick and Thefick had decided to leave him like that. The party released Kenowor so they could kill him and free Trias. Trias rewarded the party as he thought appropriate and set about undoing the plague.

The Four Winds returned to Suzail and told the king the news. They were rewarded and given a large part in a parade to their honor.

See I Love a Parade

Mithral Hall

After the parade, CC was sent to the north to see how farspread the wild magic glitch had been. Zena was worried about her people and returned to them. Sunny was still nowhere to be found. The rest of the group went with Bane and Terra Firerock to Mithral Hall on the Whispering Wind. There they returned the old king of Thunderholmes soul to one of the largest gathering of dwarven clerics assembled anytime this century and freed the kings soul to Dwarfhome. There Bane voluntered the Four Winds to help Bruenor Battlehammer and his army retake Mithral Hall.

The Four Winds composed a strike force opposite Drizzt DoUrden and Wulfgar. They struck hard and fast, cutting off druegar communications. However on the way back they encountered a strange demon that seemed remenisant of Demogorgon, some sort of offspring perhaps? The party defeated the creature and returned to Mithral Hall. There Bane put the name of Thunderholme and Hammerstriker on the plaque that would read forever the name of forces that retook Mithral Hall.



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