The Four Winds

From Pirates, to Fathers, to Puzzles

The Four Winds reunited in Quiet Thunder and quickly headed to Westgate using magical transportation provided by Essodren. They entered the abode of Pirate Bardabadoes and found out he was a vampire cursed by Elowyen Derigos, back during the Warlock Lords time. Despite this the party vanquished Bardabados and returned to Cormyr. Once there they tried to hunt down and kill Thefick Treber, CCs bastard father. They only half succeeded at this task and found out he had a contingency on that teleported him when he got too hurt. Thefick put an arrow through Sunnys skull but he got better. At this point the party went looking for the test of magic that was hinted to Damian in his fathers cell from the Loviator temple. The party found the puzzle laden testing grounds and arrived at the end with a treasure of two wishes to be granted. One for Damian, another to someone yet to be named.



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