The Four Winds


Leaving the testing grounds after using one with to find out about Damians father and the other to restore the Vast Swamp back to normal conditions Sunnys diamond dagger triggered a chaotic backlash that split the Four Winds to the …….. well the four winds. It wouldnt be discovered till later but Sunny was sent out to the far away Jade Empire and CC was transported to Selgaunt where he was held captive by the Ruby Swords for over a month.

Just the four of them, Essodren, Damian, Bane, and Arylin continued to be lead by Polk through several more adventures including fighting several of the ancient evils that had arisen from the swamp. One of them seemed to be a minor quasi godlike being that manage to bond Essodren and Bane by fate before perishing. From now one whatever happened to one happened to the other. Despite this new development the group explored the swamp and defeated several threats, dealt with Belin Firerocks trial of Bane, and the strange attack on the elven embassy. Sunny Underhill returned about this time though Arylin had fallen for a trap left behind by Cloudcaster and was stuck in the center of the earth. Bane was still at trial so only the three of them, Damian, Sunny, and Essodren explored a portal to the plane of Shadow over the Thunderpeak mountains with the aid of Kara Calaudra and Frosttail the dragon. They found Gathen had been taken by Shar way back when the group had fought Dyspair the dragon in the plane of Shadow on the floating islands and twisted his body to house Shars twisted shadow weave magic. They manage to fight him free and destroy Shar but had to destroy Gathen as well. At least his younger brother could set his soul free to return to Esyslis.

Word was recieved by the group that the elven troupe with Talindra Starflower was under assault by a small army of devils, creatures that should not be allowed on this plane of existance without permission or plan. Waisting no time the group teleported their way to the elves under attack and learned that Thefick Treber had interviened to save Talindra and took Mara from her arms. They were told the Warlock Lord himself had shown up to fight with the devils.

Following Theficks trail and the devils that pursued him they learned it wasnt the Warlock Lord but one of his generals, the Pit Fiend Yuforoth, who was said to have perished against Fzoul Chembryl of Zhentil Keep, Banes chosen. However he was on the battlefield and threw a meteor storm at the Four Winds as soon as they showed themselves, introducing himself. The fight was fast, ugly, and furious. Yuforoth was more then a match for the Four Winds and Essodren retreated to the Etherial Plane, dragging Bane behind him. However it became apparent the pit fiend could follow them since he did so.

Damians magic turned the tide of the battle though and the Four Winds won out. Arylin had manage to fight her way to Theficks side and despite both their reservations, fought back to back to keep the teleporting devils at bay. Thefick had worn different army that wasnt dangerous to elves to keep Mara safe. After the battle Thefick willingly returned Mara to Arylin and was in the process of leaving with Sunny dropped down and manage to cut off his foot in a blast of cold from Frosttooth. A contingency activated and Thefick was forced to teleport away.

Since the Four Winds were on the sword coast they made their way up to Waterdeep to seek Khelbon Blackstaffs advice, it became obvious Sunny had seen him before and knew him. Khelbon helped them by offering a powerful ring of Fire Protection in case they found themselves against devils again, advice for new spells from beyond the planes, and finally broke the enchantment binding Bane to Essodren.

Returning to Suzail they learned from Starhawk that Cloudcaster was in the kings forest on the western side of Cormyr and proceeded after him. The Four Winds defeated Cloudcasters followers but found they had been fighting an illusionary double of him the whole time and never seen the real mage. Still they would be more prepared for the next fight.

CC returned to them and told them about his treatment at the hands of the Ruby Swords. The group went back into the Vast Swamp after preparing themselves and talking to Kara Calaudra for some advice. They made their way through the swamp and came across a giant cerebus creature made out of bone. Damian talked their way past it and they were joined by Talon, still mentally scarred by Shallabhaks minstrations, and Rickard to complete the ritual needed to open the great stone tree. The group dealt with a few dangers lurking on the surface of the ruins then proceeded downward.

They didnt get far when they came across Ellowyen, Marjuls damned daughter. She told them that her fathers sins resided below and that sins of the father are sins of the child. When offered forgivness by both CC and Damian she coldly informed them that they were not worthy to forive her since they did not know how to forgive. She left with her typical message of “Are sins ever forgiven?”

The group fought their way past devils and infernal creatures of many different types till they found a trapped spirit naga the Warlock Lord had tasked with guarding the gem Fireblood seven years ago. They manage to break the warding, take Fireblood, and kill the naga. From there the group had an argument about who should carry Fireblood that ended when Sunny put the gem in his bag of holding. Damian opened up a portal to a private sanctuary for the group to rest since this was the only place in the dungeon so far that offered respite but Sunny and Bane refused and stayed behind in the devil filled labrynth.

In all the argument no one has noticed where Talon has wandered off to. For he is not with Sunny and Bane, and he is not inside the mansion with the others………..



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