The Four Winds

The last entry

After the battle with Cloudcaster the group takes on other strange and powerful foes such as Dread Pirate Caspian, Thefick Treber, Singe of Amantaur, and Warmech.

They search out a strange ruin outpost of Torm in the lands near Halfhap and recover the last piece of the Kingsword Silveredge. They discover a strange necromantic ward in the village of Drakengard and trace its remains near the mountains to the north. Along the way they come across Tim the paladin, dying at the hands of incredibly powerful ghouls. Deciding to bury him there with all his belongings, the group moves on. At last discovering that Drethren Erevet the Deadmaster had set up the ward and was working with the Zhentarim. Fighting through the outpost most of the Four Winds hold off a never ending wave of ghouls. Damian chases the necromancer into a cavern, presumably to fight it out in a magical showdown.

But things get interrupted when the tunnel starts shaking around them. Combining their knowledge they realize that a powerful and gargantuan undead creature is moving around nearby. Damian comes back out of the tunnel and warns them they have to flee. Taking his advice the group makes it to the outside to see not one, nor two, but SIX titan size Corspe Gatherers lumbering in the distance. Guessing they are being drawn to the necromantic symbol in Drakengard the party heads back there.

Spirits by the thousands await in Drakengard, including the long dead and still mutilated body of Vivick, CCs old ranger mentor. Assembling the pieces of the Kingsword the group learns they cannot use it without the crown. They pass the sword from person to person until it winds up in the hands of Damian. Who instantly teleports away with it.

Stunned by this betrayal, the group looks around and sees that the sorcerer has put a dimensional lock around himself about a mile above their heads. CC takes to the sky anyway in a desperate attempt to reach him. CC puts the crown on his head and pulls out a sealed scroll. Cutting the seal with the artifact of the symbol of rulership of Cormyr, Damian Mordiki reads the devils last instructions to him.

However he cannot bring himself to betray the only creature to ever show him nothing but love and respect. Rather then killing his faithful familiar Woody, the sorcerer deactivates his magical boots that stop attacks from affecting specific portions of his body and stabs himself through the heart. Unfortunately since he violated his contract, he frees the other member, Ikidrom, from being bound by his oath. Ikidrom invades Damians mind and the two do a battle of mind for his body. As Damian was forced to a level of beginning apprentice by breaking the contract, he quickly losses.

Ikidrom forces his soul back to its original origin inside Damians body, and his soul rejoins itself. His body twist and rejects the change but is forced into the awful terrible shape of the Warlock Lord. Power spews from him in every direction for minutes on end, causing a Armageddon in the area that devastates the landscape. After finally regaining control of himself he commands both the undead forces and the spirits of Cormyr to attack the city of Arabel.

With that he flees for places unknown.

The next day is busy for both groups. The Four Winds explain the situation of the previous year and that they need to combat their former companion to stop the attack on Arabel. Meanwhile the forces of Cormyr are still scattered and weak from Caspians invasion just a few days before. And other powerful forces that would normally help are busy with what is going on by Damians actions. So the Four Winds spend their hard earned treasures and call in all their favors to prepare themselves as much as possible for the battle to come.

Damian Mordiki on the other hand, taken over by his more evil nature, is invading Mt. Celestria itself. Into the very realm of Everwatch, and stealing the Tablets of Fate from under the god Helms very nose. Helm was never aware that the Eternal Door was ever unlocked. But it had been for almost a year, by Damian himself when he used the power of the Fane of Shadows. Damian escapes with the Tablets. He gives the tablets to his master, Mephistopheles who trades them to the gods of Death and Tyranny, Myrkul and Bane. A contract of law is signed between the archdevil and the two deity’s. A contract that all parties will come to regret withen ten hours. But that is another tale.

The Four Winds are visited by Frosttail the young white dragon very big for his age. He complains of a creature of fire in his mountain and demands help of the lesser small folk to remove this irritation. The Four Winds agree and catch a ride on a dragon to the Thunderpeak mountains. Along the way they see that not all news is dire as Dony Havies is getting married to a young village woman. They wave but do not stop their last desperate mission.

The cave near Cloudside the cave where Damian returned after having his head ripped off by a titan-god two hundred years in the past, has been altered. A round tunnel as smooth as silk and obviously new runs to deadly confrontation that will forever shatter the bond of the Four Winds.

What happens in that cave is never revealed, unless you were there to witness it. But the aftermath may be found in the Story Section under The Final Chapter .

I hope you enjoyed the campaign. It was a HELL of a ride.

Evil DM

Diplomatic Immunity Revoked

The party leaves the Shadowthaig with Terra Firerock and the staff Drathgara. However not far back on their return journey to the Dwarven kingdom, the earth itself shifts in a way that splits the party in two and cuts off their route. With Terras help with one party, and CCs tracking and Banes stonecrafting on the other, both find a new route that leads them straight to the dwarven outpost Underthunder. Home of Banes birth.

Thought destroyed, the dwarven stronghold was in fact almost untouched by the demise of the Great Fall. Banes party with Damian and CC got their first and started exploring. Bane lead them to Hammerstriker hall where CC promptly fell down unmoving in the middle of the floor. Bane went looking for hidden enemies while Damian stood guard over the unconscious ranger. It didnt take long before he saw the other half of the Four Winds approaching. The party stepped through to help CC and dissappeared, as if through a portal, 1 by 1. Determined to stay together, the entire party stepped through.

What happened next is difficult to say. I will not speak of it here for the sanctity of the mind is not one I choose to reveal. Perhaps one of the Four Winds will put it in their own words …………. Or leave it to their leader Polk. In the end the party defeated the illithid lich Alhoon that held CC captive, with alot of help from Woody surprisingly. Although that may be more because Damian was also in danger. The Four Winds recovered except for CC, who had taken the worst of the psionic assault. Essodren carried the ranger back to Thunderholme.

Once in Thunderholme four important details happened. 1: CC became the second member of the Four Winds to require the dwarves of Thunderholmes aid in dealing with a coma, following in Zenas footsteps. 2: Belin Firerock accused Bane of treason and was exiled forever from the Thunderholme kingdom, shaven of beard and cast to the skykingdom. 3: Bane Hammerstriker was officially promoted to Earl of Underthunder, leader of the dwarven outpost when it is time to rebuild it. 4: The giant sapphire discovered last year was finished and unveiled for the first time, a new landmark for Thunderholme that will represent dwarven determination, wealth, and power.

The Four Winds left CC in King Eberts care and with Damians teleporting helping, traveled to the Vast Swamp. Where Bane Hammerstriker handed over Drathgara to the elemental prince Graphite. The earth prince granted Bane a pair of boots as a reward and left this plane of existence, vowing to keep the dangerous staff away for all eternity. Bane is sure to have angered the Umberlee clergy with this move. And may cost them if they ally with Dread Pirate Caspian. Still he remains firm that his choice was the right one.

The party returned to Suzail and split up. Bane went drinking at the Iron Pot, a special bar specifically with the short folk of dwarves in mind (though the occasional gnome or halfling who can see in the dark wanders in). It seems the dwarven earl met up with Eltibald Lastlight and after a deal went bad issued a message to be sent to Thunderholme and then consoled himself in the bar. While its well known that Eltibald is a shrewed conman, it is also well known that Eltibald and the Four Winds are the best of friends……

Arylin Starflower is seeing to the reconstruction of the Whispering Wind, as well as the normal crew of Gren Razorclaw, Epecet Whirleywhistle, Oswald Fiddlebender, Mendryl Brandyfire, and ……… Lewie….. Two new additions are the halfling merchant from Westgate, Old Pete. And a door knocker by the name of Doorface. Those who havent meet Doorface yet wont soon forget him, though they might wish they could. Progress of the Whispering Wind is progressing at a rapid pace. The framework is done and now they are adding the hamsterwheel power sources and the piping. Arylin is lucky to have two such skilled gnome tinkerers working on the ship, her biggest challenge is keeping them focused.

Damian disappeared almost as soon as bringing the group to Suzail. Though it seems the play is about to open and he is spending most of his time on that. He did mention to Bane that he might be able to sway the Umberlee priestesses to stay out of the conflict. Woody, as usual, goes with him.

Essodren and Sunny spent their time together trying to repair Brightsplinter, a minor relic Sunny accidental destroyed in the Shadowthaig. It seemed to involve the Lanthander temple House of the Morning, and little joy rode in the Flitter. When they came back the next day the dagger seemed as good as new. Maybe better. Sunny also was heard to make a mention to Gren of “A source of advice I trust from a person I thought gone.” Essodren probably knows what he means but seems more grouchy then normal about restoring the dagger. Not sure what they did but both of them went immediately to sleep upon returning.

The group rejoins that evening for the grand opening of Suck This! The play of Coryrian adventurers against the horrid vampires. This idea to replace Twighlit that came out last year by Peven Mayers. The play was a grand hit. “Glory to Cormyr!” became a catchphrase almost overnight. Damian was seen to be at his most generous. The play went off without a hitch, almost unheard of on opening night. All the big players were in attendance of the play, including the Golden Gauntlets, Storm Silverhand, Lord Mournsoul, Lady Myrmeen Leah of Arabel, Dawnmaster Foxva, and of course King Azoun IV and Queen Filfierel.

While only Damian Mordiki was seen at the play, most of the Four Winds made it to the afterparty. CC was understandably absent though it is less known why Bane was seen complaining at the Iron Pot that night. Something about the way dwarves were portrayed. Considering that the rumor was he himself was offered the role of Enab the dwarf. He has only himself to blame.

The next morning Sunny and Arylin ran into Eltibald Lastlight (also missing from the play and the afterparty) who had a deep conversation with them. What all was said is unknown but one fact that came up was that there was a group of elven wizards in the Kingswood apparently looking for Arylin Starflower. The group gathered together but was unable to locate Bane. Realizing that this may be their only chance to catch the wizards unaware, they continued without him. By the luck of the gods, Polk decided to go find the dwarf and pull him out of his funk. The rest of the Four Winds left before the teamster could return.

Upon arriving in the Kingswood they used Essodrens magic and Damians surprisingly good sense of tracking to home in on the elves. It is unknown how Damian became a good tracker all of a sudden, maybe he just payed more attention to how CC did it then the others. As it was he was the first to notice a strange froglike creature that turned out to be nonother then Screech, the shapeshifting druid who had helped mentor Zendros into becoming Talon. He had no problems with the elven wizards but owed the Four Winds for favors of the past, not the least of which was helping Talon fulfil his destiny. He helped track the group right to the elves. It was a good thing regardless because without it, the elven mages would have ambushed them.

What followed next was a magical onslaught that might have been heard all the way in Zhentil Keep. The elves had not one but SIX powerful wizards as well as a elite Bladesinger and six apprentices. All well versed in the arcane and formed of a plan to take down this exact group. They got a little more then they bargained for however. A master conjurer squared off against Screech in a battle that took both combatants far from the others. Whatever creature the conjurer summoned, Screech knew everything about and could morph into something that could exploit almost any weakness. It was just a matter of what ran out first, Screeches shapeshifting endurance or the conjurers spells.

A archmage of Transmutation cast a spell that made him vanish…. only to reappear a second later as a broken wrecked corpse that looked like it had gone four rounds boxing a rabid storm giant. And according to Essodren later, had his soul ripped out…….

A master diviner could shift the fates but came up short against the luck of the halflings as Sunny Underhill made quick work of the older elf. Her contingency spell took her away before she would perish but she never returned to the battle. A Expert enchanter cast a spell of High Magic at them that is hard to describe. Damian seemed most put off by it and made him his main target for the first part of the battle, not letting up until he was defeated.

The bladesinger rushed Damian but Arylin drew her blade and met her face to face. It turns out that a spellstealing GSA is a good balance against the might and magic of a trained bladesinger. Their duel lasted the longest (other then Screech and the Conjurer). They both had a dozen tricks to outdo the other, but in the end Arylin had a dozen and one for which the bladesinger had no answer to the last.

That left Essodren to deal with the illusionist and Cloudcaster himself. As well as half the apprentices. The battles were fierce and the shaman might have met his end there if not for the others constanty demanding the others attention. Still he held his own and met spell with spell, long into the afternoon.

In the end it was actually Talindra that turned the tide of battle. Sunny had ordered a special batch of potions a year back and used one now to find the real Buserickim Cloudcaster. (Ok so there is no chance Sunny would trust something this important to Talindras potions. Its the thought that counts.) Sunny knew that they were fighting a clone, something Arylin dubbed a “Simulcrum”, and used a simple potion of Locate Object to find where the real Cloudcaster would be. Since the elven mages had been depending on the diviner to protect them from all scrying, Cloudcaster had nothing to stop Sunny from finding him. Sunny crept off the battle to where Cloudcaster sat protected in a arcane circle. Sunny winced in frustration and tried frantically to think of a way to get to the ex abmassador.

He got his chance a few seconds later. Damian brought down a Cania Ice Storm on the clone that smashed the body of arcance clay to the ground. Normally damage to the clone doesnt affect the true caster. But the River Styx is nothing normal. The memory draining power of the mythic river psychically shocked the real Cloudcaster into falling backwards. Sunny lept on Cloudcasters hand that had fallen out of the protective circle and dragged the mage out to fight in a rather bizarre wrestling match.

It would not have worked, for Cloudcaster had a spell that allowed him to break a grapple whenever he wished. But Essodren had followed the halfling and started to dispel Cloudcaster for all he was worth. While halfling and lizardman bombarded the archmage magically and physically, Damian and Arylin worked together to finish the illusionist then rush to their partys aid.

The battle ended up going skyward, with all combatants airborne. Either by flying, teleporting, levitating, or hitching rides on giant bears of ectoplasm. Sunny manage to trick Cloudcaster by teleporting at the last moment and backstabbing him. Damian discovered that he was flying by means of an item, not a spell, and targeted specifically his means of flight. Cloudcaster fell like a stone over 80 feet. Due to Damian he couldnt fly and due to Sunny he couldnt concentrate enough to try to cast a spell anyway.

In the end it was the ground itself and the simple indisputable law of gravity that delivered the final blow. He croaked out words to Arylin, some kind of question. But died without ever hearing her response. It should be noted that despite all he had done, Arylin Starflower still buried him in the traditional elven way with elven words of parting.

Damians Resurrection

The group split up after the fight with Tork Kinifyen. Bane Hammerstriker went drinking and missing for a few days. Essodren returned to the swamp. Arylin Starflower stayed in the Whispering Wind. Sunny Underhill finished up some errands in Suzail. Damian Mordiki was dead. And CC went to the ranger station to give his report. Below is what transpired while separated.

Bane: Stayed drinking for awhile, missed the entire fire in the Iron Pot tavern. And eventually caught up with the Four Winds in time to find Damian.

Essodren: Renewed a spiritual ritual and fought for his place among his tribe. He killed an old nemesis of both his and his brother. The warrior Scraz was killed in a ceremonial contest between him and Essodren. Essodren ignored the warriors plea for forgiveness and was killed.

Arylin: Worked on several time related potions and had to save the Whispering Wind from total annihilation from the chaos fire. The alchemy lab was lost as well as all the components but the mast was saved.

CC: Reported the neogi fight to Rickard and learned about the timestreams self-defense strategy. Rickard become so enraged that he almost tried to kill CC but “settled” for simply locking him up instead. He would have locked CC up for a few years except later the next night he was released to help fight the chaos fire. CC and Cinders were so excellent at saving people that Rickard forgave the whole incident and told CC to take a few days off to get his head together.

Sunny: Something about restoring a treasury, saving an innocent halfling from a falsely accuse crime, fighting Tork again, saving the church of Lathander with a magical broom, learning that the Damian that had been spotted was really Kara Caludra in disguise, and making a deal with Eltibald Lastlight about his lost pendent.

Damian: Technically he accomplished nothing in this timeline but in the past he visited the town-fortress of Curst, which is on the Outlands on the border with Carceii. Met the Nameless One, Morte, Ignus, and Dakkon. Traveled from there to Sigil where, with the the help of the previously mentioned group, managed to get his head reattached. Travelled back to Fearun and arrived in Thay in time to save Szass Tams life during the revolution to oust the Zulkier of Necromancy Nyressa Flask. After that was tricked by Kat and put into suspended animation till the year 1358 DR when the Four Winds found him.

So without Bane or Damian the Four Winds traveled to Quiet Thunder. It was during this trip that Frosttail contacted them and wanted their help defeating Slazrithion, a powerful Old Red Dragon. CC and Arylin made a few business transactions trying to get lumber supplies to Suzail and had a few issues. They contacted Eltibald Lastlight and struck a deal with him. From there they traveled to the Thunderpeaks and ended up engaging in a epic flight battle with Frosttail against several wyverns with giant riders and Slazrithion himself. From there they traveled back to Quiet Thunder and received a map from Dony Havies. They travled further to Selgaunt and received a second map from Sephris, though by proxy.

Using the map from Dony they went into the Vast Swamp and found the house of Nafnaf, a very old wildmage. During exploring this house they fought a terrible monster that almost killed both Arylin and Essodren and forced them both to flee. Sunny found a laundry service and CC took up bear dancing. In the end they left with some information on how to restore Arylin back to her normal self. Something tragic happened to Sunny during this time but he got better.

Returning to Quiet Thunder they found the flitter stolen. It turned out Tork Kinifyen was the culprit and the group went out to search for him. Sunny found a mage that had been sent by Dread Pirate Caspian and knew the Whispering Wind was in trouble. Arylin found the flitter and Tork and ended up talking Tork out of the flitter. CC got stuck with Polk the whole time and found nothing. Using the flitter and Sunny using the ring, the group all made it back to Suzail at about the same time. Which was in time to see lightning striking the ship. It was actually striking poor Pete, the halfling store owner from Westgate who apparently managed to kill the mage and got hit by a contingency at the end. Pete survived the ordeal rather well, thanks to some unknown healing magic. After the excitement they regrouped with Bane Hammerstriker and headed to the spot on the map that Sephris had provided.

This led them to a strange stone with a bunch of unique traps and obstacles that the group was uniquely suited too. Rather to much a coincidence, especially with the 2+2=4 chiseled in the side of the rock. The group solved the puzzle and opened the rock. Inside was none other then Damian Mordiki, looking like he just woke up from a long sleep. He had some strange stitching around his neck where his head had to be sewn back on, and he had a cloak of Thay around his body but other then that he looked fine. Woody was overjoyed to see him.

During the reunion a dwarven messenger went up to Bane and reported that Terra Firerock had gone missing. Turned out she had tried to enter the thaig of the Shadowbeards to retrieve Drathgara, a relic believed cursed and responsible for the loss of one of the ancient clans. The staff seemed to have the power to erase history and memory, and was anathema to the dwarven culture. Bane bravely led his party down into Thunderholme and further, into the bowels of the Underdark, to the Thaig of the Shadowbeards. Waiting for them was a spawn of Demogoron, who seemed to be targeting Damian. The Four Winds defeated the demon and pressed on.

During the adventure Sunny accidentally melted Brightsplinter into a puddle of steel and Bane learned that his hammer wasnt effective against dead dwarves. Essodren was the warlord of the spiritual th and the group managed to both save Terra Firerock, and retrieve the staff of Drathgara. They are currently in the process of heading back up to the surface, debating about exactly what to do with the staff.

For the priestesses of Umberlee want the staff for themselves, and have promised to stop aiding Caspian if they give it to them. The poor earth creature Graphite needs the staff to complete a quest that he was given by Grumbar, God of the Earth, nearly 2300 years ago. He has no reward to offer the Four Winds but it is obvious that Umberlee will use the staff for her own nefarious purpose. And the Four Winds have seen no proof that the staff is capable or able to provide anything but misery and destruction. The choice of many, rest on young Bane Hammerstrikers decision, and the advice of his companions…………


The group arrived in Suzail, resurrected Rickard and prepared to set sail out to space to invade the Rock of Bral, a spaceport nearby that neogi had conquered and left ogres in charge of. They also learned of a insane thief madman with chaotic powers that had a monkey pet and had apparently manage to rob the entire treasury.

Figuring the Purple Dragons could hanlde the strange thief, the Four Winds set sail. The crew of the Blue Vengence came aboard as well for aditional seasoned manpower. A strange oriental woman named Kat snuck on board at the last moment.

It was revealed that the invasion on the Rock of Bral was a subterfuge and Kat had manipulated them to be at the right place at the right time. It seemed she was working for Sephris. She had the power to stop time thanks to a tattoo scribed across the whole of her back. She did so and a portal opened up off in the distance and the Spelljammer itself came out.

The Whispering Wind manage to land on the Spelljammer and Arylin quickly found she could pilot the thing, which was good since it was on autopilot and took a massive amount of spell energy just to keep it going. She pushed the ship back into the demiplane of Time.

Coming out of the plane of time the ship found itself two hundred years in the past reengaged in a fight that history already claimed the forces of Toril won. Their main foe was a neogi fleet lead by Tyrankalis, a half neogi, half rakshasa titan demigod.

Arylin manage to get the Spelljammer close enough and blast a hole in the giant Citidel for the Whispering Wind to get into. The crew blasted into the defenders of the citidel and quickly overcame them. CC stayed back to guard the ship with the Blue Vengence while Flutterbe, Kat, and the rest of the Four Winds went looking for Tyrankalis.

They eventually found him and a fight ensued. Tyrankalis was pretty much unhurtable except Sunny had the special amulet forged by the titans of Ebberon to capture his soul if it could be put on him. Damian manage to distract the godthing enough, but had his head pulled off and his body thrown into another plane of existance for his efforts.

Still the Four Winds prevailed, minus poor Damian, and made it back to the ship. They reboarded the Spelljammer and headed back to their own time.

They found that due to the time anomally fixing itself, noone knew anything about the Whispering Wind flying and got very upset if such a thing was even mentioned. Kat warned them that the timestream protects itself by causing unreasonable anger in anyone that is talked to about it that wasnt heavily involved. So far only Court Mage Vangerdhast seems to know what the Four Winds actually accomplished. The neogi threat has left Toril of their own violation but it is only a matter of time before they return. The Four Winds must find a way to destroy the medallion and the soul contained withen it.

Also Tim and his adventuring group, the Golden Gauntlets, captured Atheb Firewine. After interviewing the halfling however the Four Winds are convinced that the paladin has the wrong guy.

Later they tried to stop the supposedly dead and extremly chaotic Tork Kinifyen. Sunny made away with his throwing daggers, a strange ring, and his monkeys vest of holding(????). But Tork manage to escape them and got a giant spiritual bear to scare the hell out of a group of gathered peasents.

Session ends with Tork escaping, no one knowing that the Four Winds basically saved the planet, Damian beheaded and his body gone, still holding onto a demigods soul, a wrongfully accused man, Bane drunkenly smashing everything in sight, and a stranger waiting for them aboard the Whispering Wind.

Talons farewell

After several individual adventures in the dimensional pocket mansion, some more relaxing then others, the party stepped out of the pocket dimension to find the halfling, dwarf, and shifter definitely not waiting for them. Not at all. They were nowhere in sight. A bit of tracking by CC found that Bane had managed to find a secret door in a solid wall but despite the groups best efforts, they couldnt follow him. The ranger then turned his attention to finding the lost shifter and halfling. Polk turned his attention to Damian and almost incapacitated the poor sorcerer.

The group found a seemingly empty room containing only a stone mural on the wall and a longsword made completely of glass in one corner. Arylin examined the mural and almost ran in fear, only CCs quick thinking and his oriental gift saved the spellthief from an embarrassing collision with the wall. The group then examined the longsword and Essodren learned it was the diamond dagger in grownup form when he dropped it upon trying to pick it up.

Arylin had a better idea of sliding it into her bag of holding without actually touching it. What the sword itself thought of this idea would soon become known.

Then the party noticed Sunny and Talon for the first time upon entering. Talon was still in dwarf form, drooling and timid. Sunny was shaking his head and admonishing his finger at Arylin. All this was a little hard to see because they and all their equipment (sans the diamond dagger apparently) had shrunk to about 1 inch in size. They learned that there was a corner of the room that shrunk everything down to about 1/70th of its original size. Backing away from the corner before they could become part of it, Sunny convinced the group to try and use the dagger/swords chaotic power to try and reverse it.

CC reached into Aylins bag and promptly produced a pair of stinky muddy fishing boots. He looked at Arylin quizzically, who looked at the bag quizzically, the bag had an air of distain about it like it didnt have to take this abuse, but choose to anyway. CC tried again and concentrated a little harder. This time he was rewarded with a very unhappy skunk that was about to show how unhappy he was. Since they traveled with Polk and were used to this kind of attitude, CC was ready with words of kindness and placating gestures that lowered the skunks attitude into merely irritated. The skunk crawled inside the muddy boots and huffed.

CCs third attempt actually produced the diamond sword and he and Sunny could begin. They both touched it and sure enough, magical surges started flying. It may have dawned on them that creating chaotic surges in a gateway to the lawful planes of hell may have repercussions later, but they ignored those pesky problems as something they just didnt want to think about right now.

Arylin and Essodren took cover as best they could but the door was blocked by the immovable force of irritation from Polk and aura of wisdom draining that he exuded. Damian had fallen firmly under its sway. They all envied the dwarf Bane, who had somehow gotten freely away and probably didnt have a care in the world.

The chaotic surges manage to rust Sunnys weapons, which got better. Switch Sunny and CCs minds with their bodies, create and uncr a tattoo on CCs arm, a few lesser effects, and eventually granted them a wish which did indeed put everything back the way it was. Sunny was so relieved that he excused himself to go use a unpopulated area of dungeon to relieve himself the rest of the way. They also found that they could not put the sword down and either Sunny or CC had to hold the sword at all times. They decided on CC for now because he was the more responsible.

During this time Polk admonished that adventurers in his day could hold their bladder for six days straight and never think twice about it. Also what adventurers produced was twice as large and didnt stink. He had more to say on the subject but everyone nearby was too busy looking for an object to poke out their eardrums with to listen.

CC came across a locked door and the only direction they had yet to explore. He could hear chains rattling on the other side of the room. He decided to hack at the door with the sword that could cut through anything. It was after all, the responsible thing to do. Polk nodded approvingly at this direct approach. His first swing made the door better, as if it had been freshly made. Not deterred he kept swinging. This may have continued all day until Arylin managed to get him too at least let Sunny take a look at the door.

Sunny came back, inspected CCs handy-work, and noted that he would not have made a very good halfling. Then he picked the lock. Sunny took the diamond sword from CCs hand to prove that HE was the more responsible of the two. Then he promptly took out an ancient playing card he had found ……….. on the ground over there ………… and ripped it in two while holding the diamond sword. It worked out pretty well for him.

Inside were several kytons, some looking a little confused to be there, as if they had been summoned there to deal with extra chaotic powers or something. For some reason, the name Marjul resonated from the room.

They had a nice hateful speech all planed but Essodren was ready to get the party started and started casting. If there was one thing kytons loved more then nice hateful speeches, it was nice hateful killing. Sunny even stood back and let CC block the doorway …………………. for about six seconds before he jumped right over the ranger and into the middle of the room.

Arylin and Essodren cast from the hallway, CC blocked the door, and Sunny whirled like a midget dervish in the middle of the room. Damian raised his hands to cast an epic spell to help his party immensely or maybe he was going to read up on kytons and their hobbies, it was never known because before he could do either Polk grabbed his sleeve and explained that he should go in the room, grab the nearest chain devil and wrestle it to the ground.

The diamond sword was in full effect and randomly brought in flower, quoted Waterdeep stock prices, and blasted kytons apart with the essence of chaos in a mad flurry of slashes. He was doing so well that CC moved his way into the room to fight by his side and get his share of kills. Arylin moved to block the door and used the Heirloom blade to full effect. Unknowing that this would be the last time she ever swung it.

Then the chaos blade lived up to its nature and turned the entire fight on its head. The kytons couldnt miss and the Four Winds couldnt hit. Sunny and CC took heavy hits and blood flew. Bones snapped and bruises formed and every hit they threw out missed. Arylin seemed to fair a little worse but still held up her end of the fight.

Damian was too busy arguing with Polk that wrestling anything with chains for skin was a horrible idea to notice. The entire Four Winds might have died right there except that Essodren realized this was his kind of fight. He ran into the room and blasted a killing spell at the nearest kyton. It disappeared instantly, banished to the Nine Hells.

CC had to drink a potion of Heal and almost immediately had its effects negated by another barrage of chains. Essodren healed CC who ran out of the room. Essodren was attacked left, right, and sideways but the kytons couldnt manage to get through his defenses. The battle was quickly ended in Essodrens most useful fight to date.

It was then that Talon made it over to the Portal and finally started to grow. He had been in his one inch form ever since because no one had told him to grow bigger. He started to concentrate very intently. At this point Ellowyen Derigos reappeared in a pile of chains to claim that her fathers sins remained, but would not long plague this place. She left once again with the parting words “Are sins ever forgiven?”

Talon turned from a dwarf into a tree and grew to the ceiling, then kept growing. At this point Sunnys eyes got wide and he cried out “Damn, Talon has Fireblood!” and he ran up to the growing tree. A little confused at the correct protocol of getting the attention of a being who is sacrificing the rest of eternity of its existence in blocking a portal to hell from reaching the world he resided in, he paused. Then he knocked politely. It wasnt that he wanted Talon to stop what he was doing with keeping the eternally evil forces of hell from coming into his living room and saying hi. But if he could only have his attention for a moment that would be swell.

A small branch extended out to the halfling and on it was not a apple size ruby like he had been hoping for, but rather a leather string necklace with a flint arrowhead attached. Sunny took the arrowhead in confusion and a look of astonishment crossed his face, followed by a look of sorrow.

It must have been really sad because Sunny didnt notice when the growing tree pushed through the ceiling and rubble started falling down all around them. Polk, being the tactical genius he was, knew that whenever Talon was involved inevitably some part of the landscape was going to come crashing down and had already “lead the charge” back to the surface. Essodren grabbed the stunned Sunny under one arm, glanced at the poor druid who had been forced to spend eternity erasing another mans mistake, whoever this Marjul was, and bolted after the rest of the group.

They came piling out of the still growing tree, now a real one not a stone tree, and noticed several things.

1. Bane was standing next to a wide open door to the shrine of Chronos with a look of awe on his face.

2. Sunny was losing the look of awe on his face and starting to come around.

3. Damian had manage to break free of Polks aura during the run and was looking around.

4. Rick was laying stone dead on the ground by a badly wounded hydra.

5. The undead Cerebus was watching all this quite calmly and bemused.

6. There was a ruby the size of an apple growing out of a low-hanging branch like a piece of fruit.

Essodren made a grab for the apple and let Sunny go. CC roared in vengeance and unmade the hydra eating Rickards corpse. He noticed several other dead creatures of the swamp near the fallen ranger and knew two things. One is that Rickard had not gone down easily and two is that something had called the creatures to this spot, it was too much a coincidence for them all to show up on their own.

The Cerebus said to Damian that the deal had been fulfilled and turned to leave. This wasnt good enough for Sunny who pursued the beast, to Polks delight and everyone elses astonishment.

Arylin and CC followed, Bane continued to stare in awe. CC and Essodren decided to stay with Bane till he recovered. When Sunny caught up to the beast the conversation was very short and ended with Sunny issuing a challenge that the Cerebus more then happily accepted. Maybe Sunny didnt mean it as a challenge but talking with devils is tricky as they may take certain things very lit.

It was a wonderful fight and fun for all. Damian got some reading and flying time in, CC and Arylin got some exercise, and Sunny got to see how many new tricks his sword could do. In the end the mighty duo of Sunny and Essodren was all it took to get very very lucky and have the diamond sword send the big bad doggie away before someone got very hurt. Gotta be careful with gigantic devil undead dogs of hell. Could poke an eye out with one of those things.

Some interesting travel arrangements later, which involved Essodren as CCs and Rickards tour guide through the Ethereal Plane with a smart ass spirit owl for company. And Damian teleporting the creatures who preferred to remain in the land of the living, the group made it back to Suzail.


Leaving the testing grounds after using one with to find out about Damians father and the other to restore the Vast Swamp back to normal conditions Sunnys diamond dagger triggered a chaotic backlash that split the Four Winds to the …….. well the four winds. It wouldnt be discovered till later but Sunny was sent out to the far away Jade Empire and CC was transported to Selgaunt where he was held captive by the Ruby Swords for over a month.

Just the four of them, Essodren, Damian, Bane, and Arylin continued to be lead by Polk through several more adventures including fighting several of the ancient evils that had arisen from the swamp. One of them seemed to be a minor quasi godlike being that manage to bond Essodren and Bane by fate before perishing. From now one whatever happened to one happened to the other. Despite this new development the group explored the swamp and defeated several threats, dealt with Belin Firerocks trial of Bane, and the strange attack on the elven embassy. Sunny Underhill returned about this time though Arylin had fallen for a trap left behind by Cloudcaster and was stuck in the center of the earth. Bane was still at trial so only the three of them, Damian, Sunny, and Essodren explored a portal to the plane of Shadow over the Thunderpeak mountains with the aid of Kara Calaudra and Frosttail the dragon. They found Gathen had been taken by Shar way back when the group had fought Dyspair the dragon in the plane of Shadow on the floating islands and twisted his body to house Shars twisted shadow weave magic. They manage to fight him free and destroy Shar but had to destroy Gathen as well. At least his younger brother could set his soul free to return to Esyslis.

Word was recieved by the group that the elven troupe with Talindra Starflower was under assault by a small army of devils, creatures that should not be allowed on this plane of existance without permission or plan. Waisting no time the group teleported their way to the elves under attack and learned that Thefick Treber had interviened to save Talindra and took Mara from her arms. They were told the Warlock Lord himself had shown up to fight with the devils.

Following Theficks trail and the devils that pursued him they learned it wasnt the Warlock Lord but one of his generals, the Pit Fiend Yuforoth, who was said to have perished against Fzoul Chembryl of Zhentil Keep, Banes chosen. However he was on the battlefield and threw a meteor storm at the Four Winds as soon as they showed themselves, introducing himself. The fight was fast, ugly, and furious. Yuforoth was more then a match for the Four Winds and Essodren retreated to the Etherial Plane, dragging Bane behind him. However it became apparent the pit fiend could follow them since he did so.

Damians magic turned the tide of the battle though and the Four Winds won out. Arylin had manage to fight her way to Theficks side and despite both their reservations, fought back to back to keep the teleporting devils at bay. Thefick had worn different army that wasnt dangerous to elves to keep Mara safe. After the battle Thefick willingly returned Mara to Arylin and was in the process of leaving with Sunny dropped down and manage to cut off his foot in a blast of cold from Frosttooth. A contingency activated and Thefick was forced to teleport away.

Since the Four Winds were on the sword coast they made their way up to Waterdeep to seek Khelbon Blackstaffs advice, it became obvious Sunny had seen him before and knew him. Khelbon helped them by offering a powerful ring of Fire Protection in case they found themselves against devils again, advice for new spells from beyond the planes, and finally broke the enchantment binding Bane to Essodren.

Returning to Suzail they learned from Starhawk that Cloudcaster was in the kings forest on the western side of Cormyr and proceeded after him. The Four Winds defeated Cloudcasters followers but found they had been fighting an illusionary double of him the whole time and never seen the real mage. Still they would be more prepared for the next fight.

CC returned to them and told them about his treatment at the hands of the Ruby Swords. The group went back into the Vast Swamp after preparing themselves and talking to Kara Calaudra for some advice. They made their way through the swamp and came across a giant cerebus creature made out of bone. Damian talked their way past it and they were joined by Talon, still mentally scarred by Shallabhaks minstrations, and Rickard to complete the ritual needed to open the great stone tree. The group dealt with a few dangers lurking on the surface of the ruins then proceeded downward.

They didnt get far when they came across Ellowyen, Marjuls damned daughter. She told them that her fathers sins resided below and that sins of the father are sins of the child. When offered forgivness by both CC and Damian she coldly informed them that they were not worthy to forive her since they did not know how to forgive. She left with her typical message of “Are sins ever forgiven?”

The group fought their way past devils and infernal creatures of many different types till they found a trapped spirit naga the Warlock Lord had tasked with guarding the gem Fireblood seven years ago. They manage to break the warding, take Fireblood, and kill the naga. From there the group had an argument about who should carry Fireblood that ended when Sunny put the gem in his bag of holding. Damian opened up a portal to a private sanctuary for the group to rest since this was the only place in the dungeon so far that offered respite but Sunny and Bane refused and stayed behind in the devil filled labrynth.

In all the argument no one has noticed where Talon has wandered off to. For he is not with Sunny and Bane, and he is not inside the mansion with the others………..

From Pirates, to Fathers, to Puzzles

The Four Winds reunited in Quiet Thunder and quickly headed to Westgate using magical transportation provided by Essodren. They entered the abode of Pirate Bardabadoes and found out he was a vampire cursed by Elowyen Derigos, back during the Warlock Lords time. Despite this the party vanquished Bardabados and returned to Cormyr. Once there they tried to hunt down and kill Thefick Treber, CCs bastard father. They only half succeeded at this task and found out he had a contingency on that teleported him when he got too hurt. Thefick put an arrow through Sunnys skull but he got better. At this point the party went looking for the test of magic that was hinted to Damian in his fathers cell from the Loviator temple. The party found the puzzle laden testing grounds and arrived at the end with a treasure of two wishes to be granted. One for Damian, another to someone yet to be named.

Temple of Pain

The Four Winds decended into the hidden temple of Loviatar and Damians mother, Shalisa Mordiki. The group learned that Shalisa was trying to put Damians soul into a wholly magical golom construct that would greatly increase Damians power, yet make him a eternal slave to his mothers evil whims. The Four Winds destroyed the goloms, all the followers, and eventually Shalisa herself. They freed the captive villagers of Quiet Thunder and Sunny Underhill lead the villagers out. The rest of the Four Winds pressed on and found that there was another level under the first.

They found their way back cut off by none other then Loviatar herself and only Banes god Dumathion, Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, kept the group alive by the goddesses wrath. THe group found some sort of strange man named Pontwork, who seemed some sort of “everman” his blood was a key ingrediant to the magic Shalisa was working as it seemed that Pontwork couldnt die. Or at least not for very long. After destroying the labratory and finding a hidden vault to Dumathion, the group rested up to face Shalisa again. This time her soul was entombed inside an adamantium golom almost thirty feet tall!

The golom was fed by the pure fires of the Weave, much to CInders dissapointment. The group fought long and hard, despite the loss of their halfling captain and the dwarfs disinterest. In the end CC landed the final blow and Essodren watched Shalisa soul obliterated. Cursing her son was her last thought of existance.

The ruined temple fell apart around them but Dumathion reached up to shelter them from the cave in, and silently lead them to a tunnel that would return them to the surface.

The Cataclysm

The party of the Four Winds helped out a stranded kender named Ferret Snitchwhistle. He “borrowed” a few artifacts from the city of Istar days before the Cataclysm struck and was stuck in a recurring paradox. He needed someone to recover the items he stole and return them to him at the World Serpent Inn. However the portal he lead adventurers too lead to Istar three days prior to the Cataclysm. After the fiery mountain struck, the portal would reset and the paradox would repeat itself.

The Four Winds braved the dangers and recovered the artifacts. Returning at the last second before they were also crushed by the fiery mountain. Ferret was convinced to return the artifacts and face his destiny as yet another casualty of the Kingpriest arrogance.

The last child of Istar was returned, and the curse was broken.

Xul_Jarek round two.

After the adventure at Mithral Hall, the Four Winds returned to Cormyr. Bane once again went to his beloved Thunderholme to see how things were progressing and Essodren went to see his people in the Vast Swamp.

Damian, Arylin, and CC all went to Suzail to put in the Whispering Wind for the repairs and upgrades it would need for whatever Khelbon Blackstaff needed. They knew that their beloved ship would be unreachable for the next month or two. CC went to the ranger station to report, Damian went to see how the book was coming along, and Arylin stayed with the ship to make sure it was taken care of properly. Whether from the Cormyrian shipwrights or the two gnome engineers is unclear.

Arylin quickly learned that the Flitter had been confiscated somehow and was missing, she went to inform CC and they quickly found it on the docks under the care of Eltibald Lastlight, who was using it as a stool to do his fishing. He said that their was a note on the ship and it was free for him to take. Especially since he had to drop a friend off in Teziir.

CC meanwhile had received word from his friend Avisdad that neogi had been spotted in the area near Teziir and apparently were buying up slaves from the multiple thieves guilds. The two companions took the Flitter and zoomed over to Teziir to investigate.

What happened in the city is unclear but the two left about five days later with the town in the middle of a small crises amid destruction and screams and some bizarre creature raining death from above. Somehow along the way, they had picked up Gren Razorclaw as a passenger.

Arriving at Suzail they found Essodren at the city gates trying to send word in. He had trouble to report at the Vast Swamp with Sembia heavily interested in the Orvaskyte Ruins. Also Bane sent him with a message that strange plague ridden orcs were attacking Thunderholme in small droves. So far the dwarves had driven them back easily but their numbers were increasing and their were only so many dwarves.

The Four Winds reunited (except Sunny still MIA from the parade) and decided the orcs were the more immediate threat. They went off to Xul-Jarek and found that Kords younger living brother Adrack (aka Pukeface) had concocted a ritual to put Kords soul in a stone golom of disease and rot. Becoming a minor avatar of Yutrus’s will. History repeated itself with the group fighting their way down to the depths of the disease filled fortress, CC fighting Kord till almost the bitter end when Bane stepped in and got the final kill. Kord had kept his strength and put up quite a fight, that Arylin learned to her dismay, but in the end the three of them took down the quasi god while Essodren and Damian fought Adrack in a magical battle.

After the battle Essodren apparently saw something near the avatar that had recently housed Kords soul and drifted into the spirit world. He was gone a long while but returned with a grim look (even for a lizardman). He would not say what transpired in the Ethereal Plane.


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