A Wind Blows In Cormyr

The year is 1356 and the place is the Kingdom of Cormyr in the heartlands of Fearun. It is one of the most peaceful and safe places to live in on the planet. Ruled by the good and just King Azoun the IV, and helped by his loyal Court Mage Vanderghast. Three years ago the Warlock Wars ended, and with it brought calm and prosperity throughout the realm. After facing the dread creature with allies from Sembia and the Dalelands, even the dark Zhentil Keep, Cormyr has peaceful relations with all its neighbors. Having sent the Fire Knife thieves guild packing to the bickering free city of Westgate, Suzail is one of the most secure cities in the world, with some of the happiest and most patriotic citizens.

Most adventurers would use this place as a base. A home. A stopping point to recupperate after adventuring in the harsh untamed lands of elsewhere. For Cormyr’s borders are well defined and patrolled. People carrying weapons must be chartered and peacebonded. Spellcasters must identify themselves, and any illusions or spells that steal free will are forbidden. Yes Cormyr is a safe land, and the only excitment it could possibly offer any adventurers are tales of far away places where danger still exist and man has not settled.

But from the north, the passing of the Warlock Lord is remembered. His shadow is still cast upon this fair land, even years after his death. From the north a wind blows.

But from the west, the far away land of elves have come to Cormyr. They are not happy that the agreement made with the Obraskyr’s long ago is no longer being honored. From the west a wind blows.

But from the east, their neighbor Sembia has not been sitting idle. A merchant company plots evil deeds far greater then mere profit. From the east a wind blows.

But from the south, the Night Mask of Westgate have destroyed or absorbed all their rivals. The Fire Knives want revenge on Cormyr. From the south a wind blows.

And even where there is no wind, danger lurks. For the neogi and their hired killers roam the airless void of space. And drow, kuatoa, beholders and worse are looking up from beneath the earth itself.

And in the center of of all this. In the center is a prosperous but unaware kingdom, the target of the onrushing gales to come. And the focal point is a small halfling teamster, and whatever heros he can gather to save the Forest Kingdom.

Updated 2-15-12

It is now late winter in the beginning of the year 1358. Polk the teamster has found his group of heroes, oddballs and misfits all.

From the west, the elves have been appeased. The elven ambassador who pushed for war has been lain low and peace talks ensue. The search for the Purple Crown continues but talk of war subsides. From the west, the wind is calm.

From the east, the evil machinations of the Iron Throne have been exposed. Sembia will never be a gentle neighbor but the Iron Throne has been expelled and both countries focus on rebuilding their own land and trade talks have begun again. From the east, the wind is calm.

From the south, the Night Mask have been dealt a blow to rock their organization. While they would be almost impossible to carve out of Westgate entirely, they no longer have the resources to go much out of their wicked city. From the south, the wind is calm.

From the voids of space, the neogi trouble Fearun skys no more. The titan-god of rakasha and neogi has been captured, the very fabric of time ruptured to drive back the foulest of spaces criminals. From the emptiness of space, all is calm.

And from beneath Torils surface the drow and illithids and worse of the underdark have been destroyed. A champion of the spider queen has been driven back and a undead archmage mind flayer defeated. From the darkest depths, all is calm.

But from the north …………………… from the north a wind blows ………………

Updated 4/27/12

The wind has calmed. The battles of the Four Winds are finally over. Whatever transpired in that cave on the eve of the Time of Troubles is something none of the suriving members of the group will ever speak of again. They mostly went their seperate ways to lead their seperate lives.

Finally, the winds are calm.

The End

The Four Winds

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